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Gold: The Year Ahead For Gold Investors
Gold Trading | December 19, 2014

After some three years of disappointment, 2015 promises to be a good year for gold investors. A number of factors, some interrelated, will drive gold prices higher. Here’s my short list of the top gold-price drivers I expect will combine to reestablish the long-term uptrend in the yellow metal’s price.

Surprise...Everyone Was Wrong About The End Of QE
Streettalklive | US Economy | December 19, 2014

With the Fed now extracting the QE support, it is very likely that economic weakness will resurface since the “engine of growth” was never repaired. Furthermore, interest rates can remain low for a very long time when there is a lack of sufficient economic catalysts to sustain the drag imposed by higher borrowing costs.

The Day People Will Need Insurance, Gold Will Not Trade At $1200
Gold Trading | December 18, 2014

Gold is an insurance policy, not a trading vehicle & the time to assess gold is when people have a sudden need for insurance. When that day comes, the price will be the very last thing that matters. It will be purely and simply a matter of securing possession — bubble or not — and at any price. That price will also NOT be $1200.

What Is the Gold - Oil Ratio Telling Us?
Crude Oil Trading | Gold Trading | December 18, 2014

One way to establish if a commodity or asset is relatively expensive or inexpensive is to price it in something other than a fiat currency, for example, gold. As a thumb rule, oil is relatively expensive (gold is relatively inexpensive) when the Gold-Oil ratio is below 9 & oil is relatively inexpensive (gold is relatively expensive) when the ratio is above 20.

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