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The Irony of a Debt-Fueled Oil Boom
Crude Oil Trading | January 28, 2015

The cash has already been drilled into the ground. Now it’s just a matter of getting the oil and gas out to service the debt. The more the price drops, the harder they have to try to increase production. This is the irony of a debt-fueled oil boom that turned into an oil bust: producers cannot back off regardless of how low the oil price may be.

Citi Warns - Central Banks Grip On The World Economy Is Waning
Economy | Zerohedge | January 27, 2015

Not only are central bank policies having a disappointing effect on business sentiment and investment; they are failing even to revive inflation expectations. Despite having growing doubts as to central banks’ ability to create durable economic growth, we remain convinced as to their ability to push up risky asset prices.

Moscow Update: Gold During the Crisis
Casey Research | Gold Trading | January 27, 2015

Have Russians turned into hard money enthusiasts? The majority of Russians have a savings-oriented mentality, so gold would fit rather snugly into their financial frame of reference. It’s time for Russians, Americans & everyone else to wake up, face up to the dangers of statist debauchery & prepare ourselves for the hard times to come!

Fracking — A New Bubble for a New Year
Crude Oil Trading | January 27, 2015

Oil and natural gas exploration and extraction via fracking or hydraulic fracturing is a highly capital-intensive venture. Given the tentative strategy of the Federal Reserve in raising the benchmark interest rate, a sudden and unexpected increase in borrowing costs for businesses in the high-yield debt space is a serious cause for concern.

Why Oil Can’t Stay Cheap
Crude Oil Trading | January 27, 2015

Oil market gyrations touch everything. So you have to either figure out how to ride the train… or get crushed beneath the wheels. How long can you expect low oil prices to last? Over the long haul, it is simply too valuable a commodity to stay “cheap.” Any number of events could trigger prices to rebound. Anything could happen.

How a Default by Greece May Sill Unravel the EU
Eurozone | Greece | January 27, 2015

Greece is actually in the driver’s seat. Historical evidence shows that once a country reaches such a situation it is likely to default within the next 2 years. Quotation: “If you owe the bank thousands, then you have a problem. If you owe the bank millions, then the bank has a problem.” In the current situation, it is the EU that has a problem.

QE Warfare Pushing World Financial System out of Control
Economy | January 23, 2015

William White, a former chief economist to the Bank for International Settlements said QE is a disguised form of competitive devaluation. “There is a significant risk that this is going to end badly. Central banks have been put in an invidious position, compelled to respond to a deep economic disorder that is beyond their power.”

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