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World Platinum Investment Council: “We will help Investors"
Platinum | Sprott Group | November 25, 2014

What will the World Platinum Investment Council – launched by a group of six platinum producers in South Africa, do? It is an entity focused on helping investors. The purpose of WPIC is two-fold, to provide much better market data on platinum & in due course, develop the global market & help facilitate new routes for platinum investment.

Gold And Silver – Is the Golden Rule Broken?
Gold Trading | Silver Trading | November 24, 2014

Why has the concerted effort to suppress gold and silver been so unopposed by China & Russia when either country could “stick it” to the West & collapse the “dollar” & Western central banks in a day? It may also be that China & Russia are assisting IMF as it is not in their best interest to see gold and silver “reset” dramatically higher.

Market Report: Better tone for Volatile Gold
Gold Trading | November 24, 2014

Having broken down through major support at $1180 level which had held for 18 months, one would expect gold to consolidate before attempting to break back up through it. If & when it does break convincingly upwards, gold will be sending a strongly positive technical signal. Silver followed similarly & the corresponding level is $17.

Secret Advantage Of Holding Physical Gold And Silver
Gold Trading | Silver Trading | November 22, 2014

If the time ever comes in your life or the lives of your children that a catastrophic financial collapse destroys the U.S. dollar or hyperinflation sends dollar prices soaring, gold and silver will always hold value. Goods and services for barter would also have value, but there would be no meaningful, stable “dollar price.”

Have Central Banks Entered an Undeclared War?
Banking sector | Economy | November 22, 2014

Central banks play two games: one is pure public relations: marionettes on strings beat deflation with sticks and declare they’ll save financial parasites with “whatever it takes” monetary policies. Meanwhile, their actions may be mere shadows of the bold policies being trumpeted, or they may be extremes nobody dares make public.

Why Gold Should Rise And Exceed Previous Highs
Gold Trading | November 22, 2014

Gold is actually going to rise faster than it fell. Normally markets take the stairs up and the elevator down. I think that gold is going to take a rocket ship back up. All the gold dumped out of ETFs is sitting in vaults in Russia and China & will never see the light of day again. So when the buyers want it back, the gold is not going to be there.

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