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You’re Missing What Really Matters About Bitcoin
Bitcoin | Casey Research | Forex Trading | August 30, 2014

Cryptocurrencies, of which Bitcoin is the first & currently the most important, are a revolution in commerce. Many things have started to change. Bitcoin is at the center of it & Bitcoin kids are the key. We can fight it, join it, dance, mourn, or simply defend our ignorance, but the time we’ve been waiting for stands before us, right now.

Gold Trading At All-Time High In Argentine’s Currency
Gold Trading | August 29, 2014

Argentine’s currency “the Peso” has declined 22% since last month’s default (the second time in 13 years). The Argentine Peso, expressed in US Dollars, is trading at all-time lows. Consequently, Peso gold is trading at it all-time high. As gold reflects the value of currencies, gold in Argentine’s currency has exploded higher.

Can The New Silver Fix End The Ongoing Silver Price Manipulation?
Silver Trading | August 29, 2014

The fixing is influenced from outside and the futures market is the main cause for manipulation of the silver price. Unfortunately, that issue cannot be solved by only “fixing the fix.” One has to end the manipulations in the silver futures market, which is, up until now, visibly not desired by the American authorities.

What the Next Gold Confiscation Will Look Like
Casey Research | Gold Trading | August 28, 2014

Many have speculated that the US government could once again turn to gold confiscation/nationalization if it became desperate enough. These fears are not unfounded given the abysmal financial situation of the US government that only continues to get worse, coupled with a total lack of political will to cut spending.

Canadian Silver Maple Sales Stronger Than Last Year
Silver Trading | SRSroccoreport | August 28, 2014

Canadian Silver Maple Leaf sales for the first half of 2014 surpassed sales by 1.4 million during the same period last year. Sales of Silver Maples were 8.2 million Q1 2014, compared to 6.6 million Q1 2013. Second quarter sales this year were slightly lower at 7.2 million, versus the 7.4 million oz Q2 2013.

Why The Gold Price Is Trend-less Currently
Gold Trading | August 27, 2014

Clearly, investors/traders are looking at some signs of economic improvement but are also seeing geopolitical events & other factors which are making them second guess themselves & lose conviction as to which way things are going. There are two very important & opposing gold price drivers which we discuss in this article.

Europe: Stagnation, Default, Or Devaluation
Eurozone | Zerohedge | August 27, 2014

When a country accumulates too much debt and begins to find the roll-overs a growing challenge, it really has just two options: the first is a total or partial default; the second is a large currency devaluation. The second choice begs the question ‘Who prints the currency in which the debt is labeled?’

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