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Why You Should Be Prepared for Both Inflation and Deflation
Economy | Inflation | November 28, 2014

Today’s investment climate is the most challenging one you have ever faced, because inflation and deflation are both possibilities in the near term. Most investors can prepare for one or the other, but preparing for both at the same time is far more difficult. What should you do? The answer is prepare for both, watch carefully and stay nimble.

A Tidal Wave of Gold Repatriations Could be Unleashed
Gold Trading | Sprott Group | November 27, 2014

The double whammy of a YES vote in the Swiss gold referendum and the repatriation of France’s gold from the NY FED, will be more than what the current manipulated system can handle. You will see widespread shortages of gold as the FED “attempts” to fill in the holes that they have drilled in their vaults throughout the years.

Central Bank Credibility, The Equity Markets, And Gold
Economy | Gold Trading | November 27, 2014

Coming out of the Great Recession, central bank credibility – their ability to “pull us out” of the Recession – was being severely questioned by investors. Thus, a good portion of investor money found its way into gold. That changed in 2011. Central bank credibility is at a peak, so gold is in the dumps.

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