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QE Warfare Pushing World Financial System out of Control
Economy | January 23, 2015

William White, a former chief economist to the Bank for International Settlements said QE is a disguised form of competitive devaluation. “There is a significant risk that this is going to end badly. Central banks have been put in an invidious position, compelled to respond to a deep economic disorder that is beyond their power.”

Deflation Is A Problem For The Fed
Streettalklive | US Federal Reserve | January 23, 2015

The threat of a deflation, more than six years after the last recession, remains an imminent threat. It is not just a domestic issue, but a global one. The continued hope, of course, is that the next round of interventions will be the one that finally sparks the inflationary pressures needed to jump start the engine of economic recovery.

Is Market Sentiment Shifting to Gold?
Gold Trading | January 22, 2015

When you look at the world economy, there’s no shortage of worries. Most market strategists do not view gold as a currency but only as a commodity. The rule: dollar up, gold down. But on viewing gold as a currency compared to many other currencies, including euro, ruble, yen & rupee, it has been a good place to be in over the last year.

Gold Price Model Says Gold Still Undervalued
Gold Trading | January 21, 2015

Gold hit a price low of around $1,140 in Nov 2014 & has rallied since then in spite of a rising dollar. However the gold price is still undervalued by about 16% according to my long-term empirical model. Further, gold has potential to rally far higher & is likely to overshoot the 2014 equilibrium price of $1,527 calculated by the gold model.

A Perfect Storm: Brace Yourself for an Epic Economic Meltdown
Economy | January 21, 2015

The strong dollar is deflationary. This means oil prices will likely remain low. This means much of the energy-sector debt cannot be paid off and will default. I believe we could see an economic meltdown at least six times the size of the 2007 subprime mortgage meltdown. However, there will be several crucial differences.

China’s Global Gold Supply "Game of Stones"
China | Gold Trading | January 20, 2015

“Surrounding” global gold production is just one aspect of China’s grand strategy for achieving political and economic dominance in Central Asia and beyond. The progression of China’s Go game strategy enables it to buy increasing amounts of gold and silver & are positive factors supporting higher precious metals prices.

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