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How, Why & What on Manipulation in Gold and Silver Markets
Gold Trading | Silver Trading | September 19, 2014

China and the East are in the process of taking away the silver and gold pricing mechanism from New York and London & there is absolutely NOTHING the West can do about it! If there are 2 different prices for one ounce of silver or gold, which one will be the real one & designate the price for a real ounce to change hands.

A New Fed Playbook for the New Normal
US Federal Reserve | September 19, 2014

The Fed knows very well that the economy needs zero% rates to stay afloat. So while the market talks the talk on raising rates, the Fed will continue to walk the walk of zero percent interest rates. Since none of the Fed’s prior QE programs were followed by rate hikes but by more QE, why should this time be any different?

Silver Buyers Keep Stacking Despite Falling Prices
Goldcore | Silver Trading | September 18, 2014

Although the silver price weakness has damaged psychology, some interesting trends have emerged which appear to be signalling that the core silver retail & indeed institutional investor remains resilient & is even using the current price weakness as a further buying opportunity. Silver ETFs still remain near an all-time high.

China will Dominate the Gold Market
China | Gold Trading | September 18, 2014

China is now at the center of the global gold market – the engine driving the shift from West-to-East in terms of wealth creation, economic growth and gold production and consumption. A pro-gold culture, consistent economic growth and a supportive government, suggest that there is also significant room for further growth.

Economic Policy Treats Symptoms, Not Underlying Causes
Economy | September 18, 2014

Economic growth really is a panacea that improves standards of living for everyone in nearly every way. But instead of pursuing economic growth, the government wastes its time with piecemeal patches, trying to plug holes (symptoms) like unemployment, low wages, lack of education, etc, whose cause remains unabated.

The Russian Empire Strikes Back
Casey Research | Economy | Natural Gas Trading | September 17, 2014

The Russians will get through these & even further sanctions from the United States. Natural gas in Europe currently sells at more than a 100% premium to North American natural gas prices. When US imposes a sanction on Russian uranium, then its serious. Until then, current sanctions are nothing more than political posturing.

Why Are Gold and Silver Prices Manipulated?
Gold Trading | Silver Trading | September 17, 2014

Gold is a thermometer or canary in the coal mine which serves as an early warning siren to bad, lax or faulty fiscal & monetary policies. Gold is a lie detector which politicians & central bankers wish would just shut up and go away. They cannot make it just go away so they do the next best thing …they manipulate & falsify its price.

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