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Copper and Aluminum Rally on Supply Deficit
Base Metal Trading | Copper Trading | August 21, 2014

Copper prices have been rebounding as demand for copper expands to a record in China & use in the U.S. climbs to the highest since 2009. Global copper inventories have fallen by almost half this year & are near the lowest since 2008. Aluminum rose to the highest in 18 months as global production trails consumption.

Could Dollar lose its status as the Reserve Currency Status?
US Dollar | August 21, 2014

For a currency to have international reserve status, the related assets must be useable with minimal transaction-price impact & have relatively stable values in times of stress. Financial stability reforms can, alongside fiscal prudence, help protect the safety & liquidity of sovereign assets & can hence play a crucial role for reserve-currency status.

The Housing Bubble's Silver Lining
Housing and Mortgage | August 21, 2014

All bubbles eventually pop–not just in housing, but in tech employment, and every other bubble in which the participants are absolutely confident that the bubble is not a bubble and the good times will roll essentially forever. If we’re left with some renovated buildings and new shelter in practical locales, we can count our blessings.

Why Silver Prices Could Easily Double or Triple
Casey Research | Silver Trading | August 21, 2014

To understand the explosive fundamentals in Silver, first ignore short-term factors such as net short/long positions, weekly ETF holdings, or latest open interest. Data like these fluctuate regularly & rarely have long-term bearing on prices. Here are the big-picture that tells what could impact silver over the next several years.

Diversification and Discipline Are Key to Investing in Gold
Gold Trading | August 21, 2014

When gold prices plunge as they did in 2013, it’s instinctive for our so-called reptilian brains to hijack our better judgment. Our primordial fight-or-flight response kicks in & too often we choose to fly, only to regret our decision later. Like training for a marathon, investing in gold isn’t for the apathetic. It requires strong-willed discipline.

Are Capital Inflows Propping Up U.S. Markets?
US Economy | August 21, 2014

Nobody really believes the official narrative that the “recovery” is powering the remarkable strength of U.S. stocks, bonds & real estate. While capital inflows into U.S. stocks are difficult to monitor, put various factors together & it seems likely that significant capital inflows are helping prop up asset valuations in the U.S.

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