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Why the U.S. is Letting China Accumulate Gold
China | Gold Trading | March 3, 2015

The evidence is there. China is saying, in effect, “We’re not comfortable holding all these dollars unless we can have gold. But if we are transparent about the gold acquisition, the price will go up too quickly. So we need the western powers to keep the lid on the price and help us get the gold, until we reach a hedged position.”

What Top Hedge Fund Managers Really Think About Gold
Casey Research | Gold Trading | March 3, 2015

A strong dollar is deflationary at a time when the Fed’s declared policy is to get inflation. Therefore, I expect the Fed will not raise interest rates in 2015 due to US economic weakness and because they do not want a stronger dollar. When that realization sinks in, the dollar should move lower and gold higher when measured in dollar terms.

Are Central Banks Creating Deflation?
Banking sector | Economy | Zerohedge | March 2, 2015

The unintended consequences of continuing to delve deeper into the new paranormal are making the game ever more dangerous as we now have central banks accidentally creating deflation while simultaneously embedding enormous amounts of risk in fixed income markets by sapping every last vestige of liquidity.

European Debt Crisis
Eurozone | Forex Trading | February 28, 2015

A revolt against previously-agreed austerity packages by any of these other states would have untold ramifications not only for the future of the Eurozone, but the euro itself. In the wake of this episode, the status of the euro as money is likely to be increasingly questioned, not just in the foreign exchanges, but by its users as well.

The Fed Waited Too Long: Here Comes Inflation
EconMatters | Inflation | February 28, 2015

This inflation surge is going to be led by wage inflation. By the time the Fed realize that the labor market is so tight that employers are voluntarily raising wages across the board it is far too late, you are officially behind the curve as the surge in wage inflation is signaling loud and clear. The Fed will have no choice but to raise rates fast.

China’s Love for Gold: You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet
China | Gold Trading | February 28, 2015

China & India lead the world in gold demand. This Chinese New Year is no exception. Official “Year of the Ram” gold coins sold out days ago & since the beginning of Jan, withdrawals from Shanghai Gold Exchange grew to over 315 tonnes, exceeding the 300 tonnes of newly-mined gold around the globe in the same period.

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