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Gold Price Movements Indicate That Inflation Is Finally Coming

Not only do we believe the price risks for gold are skewed to the upside in 2018, we think gold prices could test five-year highs amid continued geopolitical and political uncertainty and the now rising inflation. The scope for rising inflation, the interest rate-hiking trajectory nearing the end of its cycle, and a stock-market correction could add to higher interest in gold investments.

Next Financial Market Panic Will Leave Only One Asset to Turn to - GOLD

In the entire period from the bottom of the last bear market to the beginning of the bull market, December 2015 to today, gold is up over 25%. It’s been one of the best performing asset classes of all the major asset classes. This is what’s going to happen later this year – All of a sudden, the headwind’s for gold are going to turn into a tailwind and gold prices are going to get an even bigger boost.

Silver - Most Under-Valued asset with Highest Potential for Price Appreciation

For those losing faith from multiple years of suppressed Silver prices, take heart. The arguments in favor of silver as an investment asset are growing rapidly. Silver is the most under-valued hard asset, with the highest potential for price appreciation on the globe. Ever since the QE policy, the monetary role of Gold and Silver has never been more acute in modern history. But silver offers much more.

Silver Lags far behind in the Commodities Rally so far - Watch it Catch-up & Lead the Pack

If you really want to play the commodities upturn cleverly, then buy what has been left behind in the price upturn so far, and that leaves you with silver, always loved by speculators for its volatility to the upside. As the nascent bull market in gold we have seen so far this year picks up speed, silver will be the choice for maximum gain when commodities significantly outpace stocks, bonds & real estate.

Why Gold Prices Could Be Rising At Least 500% From Present Levels

Jim Rickards sees gold prices moving much higher in the coming years, and he isn’t alone on this view either. Jim also puts forth a number of valid questions concerning the modern monetary arrangement that emerged from the last crisis. To Jim, seeing gold at $10,000 USD/oz wouldn’t be much of a surprise, but there are a number of other issues to address as well.

What Determines The Price Of Gold - The Big Changes In 2017

For several years, the gold price in dollars correlated strongly with Japan’s currency. But as gold starts to break from JPY, we can’t help but notice that other correlations have faltered in recent months, as well. Yen and eurodollars futures, for example, weren’t as tight as JPY/gold but it was close. There had been a clearly established mutual pattern for most of the past four years for all the same reasons.

Zinc Prices Break Decade Highs On Sweeping Reforms From China

There have been some observations made in recent weeks about the speculative nature of the buying in the base metals complex, but when it comes to zinc, this isn’t the case. By most estimates there is less than a week’s supply of zinc in LME warehouses, and the ongoing enforcement of environmental standards in China may represent a fundamental shift in the broader base metals market.

Silver - Undoubtedly the Best Bet for the Top Performer in 2018

Technically, silver is ripe for a major breakout to the upside in 2018. The good news is that this secular rally in silver is in its early days. Recent gains will be sustained and amplified in the months and years to come. Silver will outperform gold in the short-run, and shares in well-managed silver mining companies will do even better than silver.

What Is In Store For The Commodity Markets In 2018?

I believe the economic conditions are ripe for a broad commodity markets rally in 2018. I also believe 2018 could also be silver’s year to shine. A recent online survey found that nearly 40% of respondents believed silver would outperform in 2018, compared to four other metals. 27% of readers said gold would outperform, followed by a quarter for copper.

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