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Gold Movements Have Me Spooked For Now
Gold Trading | Market Manipulation | July 26, 2014

A 6,000-contract dump as markets opened in Europe was followed by a dump of 14,000 gold contracts, just before New York’s opening bell last Monday. Is somebody trying to get the gold price down? Either a big position wanted out, or somebody wanted to spook the market. And there’s nothing we can do about it either way.

Janet Yellen: Where No Man Has Gone Before
US Federal Reserve | July 26, 2014

Yellen has gone farther, disregarding guidance on all fixed thresholds (unemployment, inflation, etc) & claiming that she will keep stimulating as long as she believes that there is “slack” in the economy. Where that mythical level may be is open for interpretation, which is likely why she prefers it.

The Strong Season For Gold Buying Starts
Gold Trading | July 26, 2014

The strong season in Gold is just getting underway, with this metal’s summer-doldrums seasonal low in place. Major income-cycle and cultural drivers from around the world lead to outsized gold demand surges. And gold’s best months of the year are nearing as Asian harvest buying ramps up followed by the fabled Indian wedding season’s arrival.

Europe's Proposed Russian Sanctions Leaked: Full Report
Eurozone | Zerohedge | July 25, 2014

The memo of possible sanctions prepared by the European Commission & distributed to national capitals, includes a proposal to ban all Europeans from purchasing any new debt or stock issued by Russia’s largest banks. Also proposes barring the Russian banks from listing new issues on European exchanges, etc. Will it happen?

5 Reasons Why The Market Won't Crash Or Will
Equity Trading | Streettalklive | July 24, 2014

Can this bull market last, given the current economic & fundamental variables? While we can eventually recover from a market crash, we can not regain the time lost to save & grow our investments to fund our retirement. Its critical to understand what the ramifications to your long term investment & financial planning goals will be if you are wrong.

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