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Here Comes France: Demands Central Bank Repatriate French Gold
Gold Trading | Zerohedge | November 25, 2014

First Germany, then the Netherlands, perhaps Switzerland this weekend, and now the French right-wing Front National leader Marine Le Pen has sent a letter to the governor of the French Central Bank, the Banque de France, demanding that France join the list of nations which have repatriated, or at least tried to, their gold.

Swiss Gold Referendum: What’s Missing From The Debate
Gold Trading | November 25, 2014

A “YES” vote for the gold referendum is a first step towards redressing the imbalance that exists between the SNB & the people of Switzerland. It will begin a process to restore restraint, accountability & transparency on an institution that took advantage of the removal of its previous gold holding constraint already once before.

Central Banks: When We Succeed, We Fail
Banking sector | Economy | November 25, 2014

Central banks around the world share a few simple goals. Should central banks succeed in jacking up inflation, devaluing the purchasing power of fiat currencies and pushing stocks to the moon, they will have failed their citizenry. Should they succeed in reaching their goals, they will trigger catastrophic instability.

Gold Sentiment is Changing - Play it Safe
Gold Trading | November 25, 2014

We could see some more downward pressure before the end of the year, but it’s difficult to make predictions because every market is somehow manipulated & managed. I wouldn’t be surprised to see gold at $1,400–1,500 in 2015 but if central banks step in & keep pushing equities higher, as they did this year, then $970/oz is more likely.

World Platinum Investment Council: “We will help Investors"
Platinum | Sprott Group | November 25, 2014

What will the World Platinum Investment Council – launched by a group of six platinum producers in South Africa, do? It is an entity focused on helping investors. The purpose of WPIC is two-fold, to provide much better market data on platinum & in due course, develop the global market & help facilitate new routes for platinum investment.

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