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The World’s Next Big Trading Block May Be India
India | May 6, 2015

A new Common Market is being formed. It has a bigger economy than the whole of sub-Saharan Africa, more states than the EU has members & twice the population of North America. It’s called India. Given the size of its 29 states & a predicted growth rate of at least 7.5%, potential benefits of integration are huge.

Six Questions and Perspectives on Silver
Silver Trading | May 5, 2015

Is it possible that silver could return to its equilibrium price without a concurrent collapse in the world financial system or hyperinflation? Perhaps. But no one can say for sure. At some point silver will be valued like gold is now, out of reach for most of us – but always recognized for what it is and always had been.

Gold And Silver Prices: End Of Month Chart Analysis
Gold Trading | Silver Trading | May 4, 2015

Silver is trading at a loose support level in that it has not moved under the Dec low. That is where the last low occurred in Feb 2010 before the rally up to the $50 level. Given Thursday’s assault to push price lower, silver responded well. Fact that silver prices rallied off the low shows buyers offering some degree of support.

China's True Gold Holdings To Remain A Secret After All
Gold Trading | Zerohedge | May 4, 2015

What we thought would be an imminent, critical and extremely overdue public announcement from China has again been indefinitely postponed. And so with the gold community eagerly expecting a confirmation from China that its gold holdings have doubled, tripled or more, China – and the IMF – suddenly get cold feet. Again.

These 3 Developments Say New Gold Mine Supply Is Peaking
Casey Research | Gold Trading | May 1, 2015

Because future gold supply will reverse trend and fall for many years, there will be significant long-term consequences for investors—most of which are positive if you’re already positioned. The bottom line is this: a major shift regarding gold supply is underway and will lead to a substantial, long-term decline.

Is JP Morgan Cornering The Silver Bullion Market?
Goldcore | Silver Trading | May 1, 2015

Silver market analyst Ted Butler estimates that JP Morgan may currently hold far more than their official figure of 55 million ounces. He believes it to be closer to 350 million ounces. Annual global silver production is 820 million ounces. If Butler is correct, JP Morgan in a position to corner the physical silver market today.

If Gold Is Not Money, Why Do Clearinghouses and Former Fed Chairs Say It Is?
Gold Trading | April 30, 2015

Collateral is an underlying asset that is pledged when a party enters into a financial arrangement. Even Alan Greenspan, the man most responsible for the 2008 financial crisis, has admitted that “gold is money.” He couldn’t admit this until he’d left the Fed. But this is a man who knows all too well just how the financial system works.

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