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Forecast 2013 – The World at the Edge of an Abyss

Forecast 2013

Forecast 2013 - The World at the Edge of an Abyss

 World Economy Forecast 2013– The year 2013 is a dead end for the “dumb” as there cannot be any more kicking the can down further. A Final War on Wealth is unleashed due to a Global Tsunami of Printed Money & Deep Debt. The Excess Debt situation will balloon exponentially out of control & reach a critical crisis point globally in between 2013 and 2015. Payment will now be demanded. Unemployment, Bank & Insurance frauds will continue to rise above alarming levels. We are due for a change in our Banking & Financial System which has become corrupt, unmanageable and inequitable. Another financial crisis is due.  In 1971, Nixon took the US off the Gold Standard so now all fiat currencies globally are linked to nothing. In fact 97% of all financial transactions take place electronically and only 3% is actual cash! All paper money is just figures on a computer screen and is worth nothing! It is created out of thin air. There is almost no substance to our financial system. Over the next four years, revolution and radical changes in the Global landscape (Nature & Man-made) will be a major part of our experience. Catastrophic changes in the Global landscape by nature will be largely triggered by large scale flooding and earthquakes. Hurricanes, tornadoes, typhoons would be seen more often. Radical changes in the Man-made Global landscape will be through Currency Debasement, Collapse & a complete wipe out of the financial systems as well as Business & Political Empires built on massive corruption leading to large scale revolutions, violent at times. In 2013, the people’s credit line for the “Stupid” is up. People’s wealth will be reduced by at least half on major currency debasements. We will all have to pay for our economic, social, religious and political illusions systemically sabotaging our world.  Criminal aspirations, Illogical hopes & dreams will collide with downfalls and transformations. People, races, nations, classes, economies, will witness their illusory expectations fall to pieces in front of the grim & ugly face of reality. Taxes will go higher as governments desperately try to repay escalating debts. There will be desperate people who will look for short cuts in order to survive. They will justify stealing & other forms of crime as the only available means to a survival.

Change is in the Air – Forecast 2013:

World over people will see new laws being enacted quickly to suit purpose and then different ones replacing them just as speedily. Be aware of that and make sure you are not reliant on having the law stay as it is for long. Economic, social, religious and political illusions that are systemically sabotaging our world will be harshly dealt with soon. There will be several bouts of Illusions (as currently being seen)- periods of Economic improvements or utter calm, when it will feel as though everything is fine or improvising and there was really nothing to be deeply concerned about. Do not allow yourself to be lulled into such a false sense of security. Look at the same as the proverbial – “Calm before the Storm”. Employment, Pension & Insurance laws may be the ones that may see a lot of changes to suit the corrupt & greedy. Taxes will be ruthlessly imposed with a view to alleviate the social disasters of the time leading to the further lowering of living standards, a lot of homeless people and huge areas of vacant real estate. The impositions of more and more taxes will finally trigger large & violent revolutions. Excess Government Debt will trigger a huge focus on higher taxes: how much to pay, who should pay it, what is fair and what is not. Governments will want to change the tax structures completely in the name of fairness but there are likely to be hidden agendas. Governments may also impose heavy cuts in public services, giving way to higher unemployment. There will also be large waves of crimes triggered by the hard times. When people have lost everything they take desperate measures because they feel they have nothing to lose. Among these complications, the most dreaded would be of spiraling debt through credit cards which would seem to keep on piling up on the now jobless & also possibly homeless. Today’s Politicians & Central Banks are masters of illusion, so don’t allow your thinking to become unfocused. Last year, I had predicted (Forecast 2012) that we would soon see revolts and large scale civil unrest. We’ve seen demonstrations, riots and discontent all over the Middle East and in Europe & this is just the start. There will be more violence & deaths amid larger protests and it will become more frenzied as the people see that their leaders are not really listening to them, or rather misleading them into more misery. Selfish & unfortunate events will intensify the contrast between the majority of the people who feel they are being unjustly treated and the powers that be trying desperately to stay in control and to suppress the people’s right to well being or even simply live. More people than ever will be affected. Pensions are no longer secure and indeed they may be unable to pay out when the time comes. Insurance companies will go under and people who have paid premiums in good faith may end up with nothing if the company is bankrupt when their house is swept up in a tsunami or a fire burns down everything they own. Some of the very wealthy will also lose almost everything overnight.

Forecast 2013

Disasters will change Advancement of Sectors – Forecast 2013:

Stocks & Commodities Forecast 2013 – Stock Markets may get Buoyant & rise on the avoiding immediate Fiscal pitfalls for sometime in 2013 as some compromises are stuck together to strike a deal to avoid the US going over the Fiscal Cliff. Commodity Markets may also see sharp rises in prices of Raw Commodities. Base Metals may rise on the illusions of improvising economies. Do not be misled by the same. Explained above in this article about the bouts of Illusions in the paragraph – Change is in the Air – Forecast 2013. Copper & other Base Metals may easily see further rises on illusionary Economic growth. Therefore Gold may see restrained rises but Silver will gather excellent momentum as repeatedly alerted since long now. Read more on Debt Darkness of 2013 has a SILVER Lining & for Gold Read more on Gold Traders Cautiously Optimistic – Excess Factor Skews Markets Remember – After the Bout of Illusion is over, there will be very sharp declines also. Do not take upsides for granted. The new sectors which will emerge as winners for the next 15 years will be from the Water related Industries, Pharmacy, Health – care, Power, Education, Entertainment (Films, Music & Arts included), Telecom, Agriculture & Alternate Fuel Industry.

Forecast 2013 – Water Industry: Water related Industries will rule the next 20 years, as did Technology & Software for the previous 20 years until now. The new Microsoft or the new Bill Gates will now emerge from the Water Industry.  In 2010 global water generated over a half trillion dollars of revenue. Global world population will explode from 7 billion today to 10 billion by 2050, predicts the United Nations. And over one billion “lack access to clean drinking water.” Climate and weather patterns are changing natural water patterns. And industrial pollution is making water a scarce commodity. So the good news is that huge “opportunities exist for businesses that can figure out how to keep the pipes flowing.” Yes, it’s a hot market. Read more on – Water – The next Big Business Idea

Forecast 2013 – Technology: The aggressive pace of advancements in the Technology sector seen in the past few years will take a hammering due to global economy weakening. People will be forced to cut unnecessary spending on new gadgets. The world will see a fall in the numbers of new models in cell phones, TV’s or even new e-shopping sites.

Forecast 2013 – Pharmaceuticals & Health Care: Natural disasters like flooding, earthquakes along with civil riots & massive unemployment will trigger large scale epidemics. In the long run this influence is sure to bring wonderful advances in medicine. I would surely invest (on dips) in Pharmaceutical & Health Care Industry in view of this factor. There may be some new medical break-through around areas of fertility, cloning, creating “Designer Babies.” Technology, banking, realty, metals, electronics & FMCG sectors expected to decline & will sharply slowdown.

 Forecast 2013 – Real Estate: More Real Estate Bubbles may burst in 2013. There will be small pockets of real estate that may not be severely affected by the huge price decreases, but they will be far and few between. Don’t be in too much of a hurry to buy real estate or you might be kicking yourself for not waiting until prices crash. In bad times, property is an illiquid asset you may be stuck with something that you cannot sell and is worth much less than the amount you paid for it, or even worse – Borrowed for it.

Forecast 2013 Entertainment & Art: The new sectors which will emerge as winners for the next 15 years will be from the Water related Industries, Pharmacy, Health – care, Power, Education, Entertainment (Films, Music & Arts included), Telecom, Agriculture & Alternate Fuel Industry. Artists, musicians, actors, entertainers will gain huge popularity as people seek simpler pleasures and desire to connect on a deeper more meaningful level. The very strongly affected & stressed ones may also seek escapism into a make believe world of films while they reassess their priorities in life. Manual skills will become more prevalent. Handcrafts, drawing, carpentry, typing, music, healing and an increase in people wanting to go back to the land and grow fruits and vegetables and become self-sufficient. I repeat what I forewarned in 2012, to occur in 2013 onward – Putting food on the table will be a more pressing concern than buying luxuries or gifts. Inflation & scarcity of food will be severely felt.

Forecast 2013 – Education: Education and learning will be hot topics 2013 onward. The world will see advances and breakthroughs with those who have difficulty speaking, those with dyslexia, dyspraxia and other learning challenges. There will be a proliferation of creative games especially for the young. These will be used not only for amusement but also for education and learning.

Forecast 2013  Too Big to Fail Banks & Financial Markets: Banks and financial institutions will continue to have problems and the abuse of other peoples’ money will come to light. Financial Market manipulations may be rampant. There will be a demand for accountability leading to a fall of some very Big Names in the industry. Financial Systems will undergo a massive change, how-much-ever the “Too Big to Fail” Banks may oppose and no matter what the experts think will happen. These “Too Big to Fail” Banks will be reduced to negligible existence due to their own culture of fraud & greed. There will be more fraud than ever before: extensive money laundering, insurance fraud, bank fraud, government fraud. There will be many fraud cases connected with insurance companies, bankruptcies and the inability to pay out in case of disaster. There will be corruption and the rooting out of corruption. Industry barons will do all within their power to maintain their advantages at this time through strong links to government. The awareness of the suffering of the underprivileged has scarcely begun. What we will see over the next few years is the extreme polarization of right-wing solutions. Finally by 2024, there will be little that remains of the autocratic structures that are currently being put in place to safeguard the banks and corporations whose survival is currently threatened.

The big Gold Bull Market of the 1970’s ended harshly in 1980, when then Fed-chairman Paul Volcker stopped printing money, let interest rates shoot up, and looked on as the economy slipped into recession. The paper dollar enjoyed a revival and Gold Prices tanked. The global financial system is considerably more leveraged than it was 32 years ago, and presently much more dependent on never-ending cheap money from the central bank. In 1980, the total debt of the US government was less than $1 trillion; today the annual budget deficits are far bigger than that. The fallout from an end to free money would be huge, and most politicians would deem the consequences unacceptable. Today, there are also no other strategies available that could cushion the impact. In the early 1980’s, then-president Reagan countered hard money with an easy fiscal policy, and simply let the budget deficit balloon throughout his tenure. Today, the bond market would be quickly in trouble without support from the central bank, and the US Government would soon face its very own Greece-moment. Once the Eurozone and U.S. economies gather downward momentum, the export machine’s inefficiencies and malinvestments will catch up with it. And once that happens, the real estate bubble’s inefficiencies and malinvestments will catch up with it. When these financial storms arise and feed each other, Wall Street and New York will experience losses that will exceed the hurricane Sandy damage by an order of magnitude, for the Wall Street Status Quo will crumble under its own dead weight.

Power of the Mind will be King – Forecast 2013:

This is a powerful time for people of like mind to come together to create huge changes on our planet. If enough people believe that we can be prosperous and we can come through our economic, social and political woes, we can create it. Here, I would like to remind, Governments will also try to regulate and impose taxes and limitations on internet freedoms. The 2013 onward era unleashes the Power of the Mind. Make sure you use it well and to your advantage. There will be formations of several large groups of like minded people who would take it upon themselves to bring about the desired & vital changes to the now decaying Economies, Society & the world overall. Anti-Corruption movements of such groups are sure to pick up Epic sized momentum 2013 onward. These times provide an opportunity for the masses to break out in an uncharted direction which will surely bring about prosperity and fairness for us all. One may not believe this, but there will be a greater focus on the power of the mind and how we can use our minds to heal our bodies in many cases without medical intervention. One serious point of concern is, many youngsters may not be able to differentiate between Virtual Reality & Actual Reality & this will result in some serious social problems. There are millions of people, especially youngsters, who play virtual games and there will be a lot of psychological issues coming up with these people not knowing the difference between right and wrong. They are playing these violent games, they are maiming and killing in a virtual reality and then they will come out into the real world and they won’t know the difference between fantasy and reality. Unemployment & Inflation triggered crime wave will push the more mentally capable (yet unemployed) to invent more invasive measures and it will be harder to protect your identity online & yourself from cyber crime done using your identity. Think very carefully before you give any personal information to anyone as it could have very serious consequences down the line.

Come 2013, people will withdraw from the small comfort of a Facebook universe – and seek privacy and seclusion. Suffering will be too real for dabblers in spirituality, and true solidarity will be found in helping people who are in situations where – but for the grace of God – you could find yourself. The Forecast 2013 could aptly be summed up as “The World being at the Edge of an Abyss” – a Financial Abyss. My sincere advice & wishes for all in 2013 – Wish you all a Debt Free, Safe & Healthy 2013.

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