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German Gold Buying: A Chart You Have To See
Gold Trading | SRSroccoreport | June 1, 2015

German gold bar and coin purchases during Q1 2015 account for more than half of total European demand. The British, French & Canadians ranked lowest in the chart taking the 5th, 6th and 7th spots respectively. What’s more amusing, total physical gold buying from these 3 countries is about a tenth of German purchases.

What Is Certain Is The Huge Demand for Gold And Silver
Gold Trading | Silver Trading | May 30, 2015

All we can do is maintain a focus when it comes to buying and owning physical gold and silver. Forget about price. It is purposefully being manipulated by Western elite’s central bankers. Nothing can be done about the low gold and silver prices until all of this underhanded, behind the scenes payback is fulfilled.

Why Russia Is On A Gold Buying Spree
Gold Trading | Zerohedge | May 28, 2015

Why is Russia engaging in this gold buying spree when it likely has more immediately gratifying ways to spend its reserves? Dmitry Tulin’s answer: “As you know we are increasing our gold holdings, although this comes with market risks. The price of gold swings, but it is a 100% guarantee from legal and political risks.”

Bullish And Bearish Forces Affecting The Price Of Gold
Gold Trading | May 28, 2015

The price of gold has gone nowhere in the last two years and has created a 2-year basing pattern. A trendless market indicates a battle between bullish and bearish forces. We hold an alternate view (rather than inverse) on the relationship between interest rates & gold as rising rates are likely to mark a new economic cycle.

Gold Price Moves Since QE3 Have Been A Warning To Mainstream Economists
Gold Trading | May 27, 2015

There is “something” missing beyond just the recovery economists were so sure the gold price crash was foretelling. Normalizing both economic & financial conditions would mean interest rates rising back to where they were pre-crisis, as “inflation” picks up. Neither of these is evident in the 2 years since gold prices crashed.

American Futures Speculators - The Primary Driver Of Gold Is Bullish
Gold Trading | May 25, 2015

Gold’s primary driver in recent years has been the collective positions of American futures speculators. Their hyper-leveraged bets have given them outsized influence on gold prices & today their gold futures bets are very bearish. When this selling reverses into buying, it has the potential to fuel a sharp & major gold rally.

Gold - The Insurance of Purchasing Power
Gold Trading | May 22, 2015

Most of us are investors, one way or another – bonds, stocks, real estate, etc. Purchasing power of those assets is dependent upon the value of underlying currencies. A crash would hurt all of those investments. What insurance have you purchased to protect against a stock or bond market crash, or a dollar crash? Buy Gold.

PBOC Gold Purchases: Separating Facts from Speculation
China | Gold Trading | May 21, 2015

PBOC buys gold with their foreign exchange reserves than with renminbi – China’s FX reserves are worth about $3.7 trillion & mostly held in USD. Gold on SGE is quoted in renminbi, so PBOC can’t exchange USD with gold there. PBOC is likely to buy gold abroad & these purchases should be added to the visible gold flows.

It’s Time to Hold More Cash and Buy Gold
Gold Trading | Goldcore | May 20, 2015

Bank of America highlights problems with raising rates. The real economy in the U.S. is not currently strong enough to withstand a rise in interest rates. That raising rates could cause a shock to the markets & economy. To deal with this they advocate adding gold to one’s portfolio along with higher levels of cash.

Why Most Gold Bugs & Bloggers are Dead Wrong About China’s Gold
Gold Trading | May 20, 2015

China IS acquiring thousands of tons of GOLD & creating new multilateral lending institutions. China WILL announce an upward revision in its official gold holdings in sometime. But the reasons for the acquisition of gold & the updated disclosures, if they happen, are NOT the ones the blogosphere believes. Herein is the Truth.

The World Will Panic Into Gold And The Price Will Go Parabolic
Gold Trading | May 19, 2015

When a monetary system finally fails, there will be a flight to the only money that’s left in the system and that will be gold. That will be the hour in which the next great surge in the gold price occurs. You can’t predict the exact moment, but you can certainly have a pretty confident view of the direction (parabolic).

China’s Silk Road Economic Project Will Include Gold
China | Gold Trading | May 15, 2015

It was first disclosed by Albert Cheng, Managing Director of World Gold Council, in a speech Apr 12, 2015; China has ambitions to include gold in the One Belt One Road (OBOR) economic project. His proposal suggested that cooperation & development mechanism to involve major gold producers/users along the OBOR.

The Next Gold Bull Market Starts Before October
Casey Research | Gold Trading | May 15, 2015

China believes the renminbi is “ready for reserve status.” What’s the connection to gold? If Chinese officials seek “reserve” status for the currency, they’ll want to announce their updated gold holdings beforehand. Demonstrating they hold ample gold reserves puts the currency on more solid footing.

A Hard Look At Gold via 7 Technical Charts
Gold Trading | May 13, 2015

Looking at gold from different angles chart-wise, gold looks like its nearing a make-or-break level. Gold and silver miners are also consolidating near their support level dating back to 2002. Inflation expectations are also nearing a breakout / breakdown point. Soon we will know more about the true state of the global economy.

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