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Gold Tumbles Despite UK Mint Seeing Europeans Rush To Buy Bullion
Gold Trading | Zerohedge | June 29, 2015

European investors are increasing purchases of gold & customers globally added 1.4 metric tons of gold to their account, the biggest increase since 2012. More people want their gold stored in Switzerland, a country that isn’t in the European Union. But despite this demand, gold prices are gettiung hammered after an initial spike.

China Plans To Launch Renminbi Gold Fix By End of 2015
Chinese Yuan | Gold Trading | June 29, 2015

If the renminbi / yuan gold fix takes off, China could compel local buyers & foreign suppliers to pay the domestic renminbi price, making the London gold fix less relevant in the world’s biggest bullion market. China feels it is entitled to be a price-setter for bullion at a time when the global benchmark, the London fix, is under scrutiny for alleged price-manipulation.

Not Owning Gold Bullion Shows “Ignorance of Monetary History”
Gold Trading | Goldcore | June 26, 2015

Gold’s position is assured because of the total reliance of our debt-based monetary system on unsustainable inflation. The yearly, “In Gold We Trust” report states that “we have all become guinea pigs of an unprecedented attempt at re-inflation.” QE and negative interest rates “are a direct consequence of a systemic addiction to inflation.”

China’s Gold Hoard Will Slay the Mighty Dollar — Here’s Why
Gold Trading | US Dollar | June 26, 2015

China is soon going to want to disclose its gold holdings in an effort to have the yuan join the IMF’s currency basket – the SDR, currently having only the dollar, euro, yen & British pound. If China’s gold reserve is revealed this year and the size of the addition surprises to the upside, it is going to be a major shot across the bow of the U.S. dollar.

Hold “Physical Cash, Gold and Silver” To Protect Against Systemic Risk – Fidelity
Gold Trading | Goldcore | Silver Trading | June 23, 2015

Ian Spreadbury, who oversees the investment of over £4 billion of clients’ money in bond markets for Fidelity, said, “Systemic risk is in the system and as an investor you have to be aware of that.” To deal with these risks Spreadbury advocates a well-diversified portfolio. Cash should be spread out in different banks & that investors hold gold and silver.

China Center Stage In This Week’s Gold Market Review
Gold Trading | June 23, 2015

The managing director for the Far East region at the World Gold Council said that a gold upheaval is unlikely when the U.S. raises interest rates. Instead, higher rates may create adjustments in the gold market. Morgan Stanley sees gold prices under pressure for the rest of the year. – Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats in the gold market.

How Is Gold Impacted By Runaway Debt?
Debt Crisis | Gold Trading | June 19, 2015

The world now sits beneath a mountain of debt worth $200 trillion. If gold backed total global debt 100%, it would be valued at $33,900 per ounce. It’s unlikely that gold will ever reach $33,900 per ounce—or even $12,000, as James Turk calculates—but the fact that supply has not kept up with debt levels suggests that gold prices might very well rise.

Economic Inequality and the Gold Standard
Economy | Gold Trading | June 17, 2015

Economic inequality declined in the US from 1917 to the early 1970s when Nixon took America off of the gold standard. The trend has been for greater economic inequality ever since. Part of the answer to the problem of economic inequality is to return to an honest and sound monetary system including — but not limited to — the gold standard.

Gold Replacing the US Dollar as Reserve Asset
Gold Trading | US Dollar | June 16, 2015

Fiat currencies are dying. Central banks will not actively back their currencies with gold but gold will replace foreign currency reserves. Many of the high debt countries like e.g. Greece, which look bad in today’s fiat currency context, will actually fare well in this transition of gold taking over the reserve asset status from fiat currency.

When Will Gold Stocks Rally? What Matters Is Gold Prices Can't Go Lower
Gold Trading | June 15, 2015

The market is at the “bottom” for gold and other metals. That’s because all-in sustaining costs for the industry now average about $1,100/oz when you include the interest that major gold producers pay on their debt. There absolutely is demand for physical gold, and the price has to be at least what it costs to produce the metal.

Gold Seasonals Bottoming, Ahead of the Usual Major Surges
Gold Trading | June 15, 2015

Gold exhibits strong seasonality, created by surges in global gold demand throughout the calendar year. While this has been suppressed in recent years by the Fed-fueled extreme market distortions, that anomaly is only temporary. Right now gold is experiencing its most-important seasonal bottoming.

The Fed Bailed Out The Comex With Hypothecated Gold
Gold Trading | US Federal Reserve | June 11, 2015

COMEX clearing members had gotten themselves to the edge of a widespread default on physical gold delivery obligations. That same day, JPMorgan transferred 177,402 troy ounces of gold into COMEX registered gold stockpiles – just enough to cover the shortfall. Did JPMorgan Chase just engage in a bailout?

The Gold Market Is “Bifurcating” – Why Is It Good For You
Gold Trading | June 9, 2015

In the midst of a broad bear market, some companies begin to move higher. In today’s gold market, I believe we have already begun to see this process, called ‘bifurcation.’ Some of the most promising companies, with the most talented teams & well-conceived projects, have already begun to catch higher bids.

Gold Surviving the Last Few Months of the Bear Market
Gold Trading | June 9, 2015

Buying at the bottom of a bear market is when millionaires and billionaires are made. Sometime in the next several months we are going to get that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. In order to seize it you need to avoid the drawdown and emotional damage from the final move down into gold’s bear market bottom.

Gold Prices Will Rise Either Way - You Can Profit
Gold Trading | June 8, 2015

Gold has two ways to win. If low rates persist, gold prices become more attractive because costs of carry and opportunity costs of holding an asset without yield decline. Conversely, if rates go up, that means inflation is on the way, and the gold price benefits from that also.

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