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Gold and Silver Are on Fire! Uncertainty Abounds!

Gold and Silver Are on Fire! Uncertainty Abounds!

Gold and Silver Are on Fire! Uncertainty Abounds!

Gold and silver are on fire! Yes, a renewed bull market, sparked by the utter chaos and turmoil that we are experiencing in Europe due to the recent successful Brexit campaign, has sent precious gold and silver soaring.

It is more than the spark that we needed to get things moving, it was akin to throwing a bucket of gasoline on a fire. Both, gold and silver prices have been moving significantly higher over the past week.

Gold is now over $1350 and showing incredible strength. Silver is doing even better, moving from under $16.00 per oz less than a week ago to over $19.00 per oz currently. Silver temporarily punched through a huge ceiling as it catapulted higher – the ominous $20.00 per oz resistance level.

Although suffering a short term setback, both, gold and silver continue their march higher today, proving to the world once again that they are a true safe haven in times of historic uncertainty, despite what the mainstream media and the financial elite would have you believe.

These two entities would prefer that the common everyday man and woman were powerless and beholden to their fiat currency system. They have no desire to see the people take possession of their own money once again, as we have historically done, and move into gold and silver. This would erode their great power they have through their corrupt money system to control and manipulate many aspects of our lives.

Fortunately for those of us who have been accumulating throughout this entire bear market, we have had the advantage of buying precious metals at artificially reduced prices. For those who have not acted and sat on the sidelines, time may be growing short to act, as the uncertainty that we are now experiencing is most certainly going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

Emboldened by the UK’s move to leave the European Union, you can guarantee that even more countries will now attempt to take their liberty back into their own hands and leave this highly corrupt system, embarking down their own path of freedom.

The elite know this just as well as I do. They know that they must now do everything they can to keep this fragile system cobbled together, or risk losing all the control they have worked so hard to obtain over the past decades.

Regardless of the outcome, there is one thing for that is guaranteed. Uncertainty will be the name of the game going forward, and if there is one market that loves uncertainty, it’s the gold and silver market.

Get stacking – time is growing short.




Courtesy: Nathan McDonald

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