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Keep Buying & Holding Gold and Silver – Fear & Anxiety Prevail Around the World

Keep Buying & Holding Gold and Silver - Fear & Anxiety Prevail Around the World

Keep Buying & Holding Gold and Silver – Fear & Anxiety Prevail Around the World

Fear and anxiety is what will prevail around the world, and those who own and hold physical gold and silver will be the beneficiaries from the corrupt globalists who do everything to discourage gold, while a the same time, they do everything possible now to accumulate it.

Keep buying and holding gold and silver.

That the shortened range for July stopped short of reaching nearer the 1400 area can be viewed as a red flag, a caution for a pull-back.  Because monthly charts are not used for market timing, the lower time frames will be viewed to see if the caution on this chart also shows on the weekly and daily charts.

GC M 30 Jul 16

The caution is warranted based on how price is negotiating its way within the up channel shown below.  The last seven weeks have evolved within the half-way area of the channel.  The failure of price to work higher and nearer to the upper channel line tells us price is laboring, and there could be some more corrective activity in the next few weeks.  This is not a sound for alarm for the trend remains up.

GC W 30 Jul 16

The small range on the monthly chart can be seen as the side by the sideways move since the BREXIT rally near the end of June.  You can see since the July swing high, the recovery rally attempt, really just the last 3 TDs, remains about mid-range, and mid-range in any sideways move is where the level of knowledge is at is lowest, for price can retrace to the upper or lower part of the range and not violate anything but increase the possible risk within the range.  The increased volume adds to the note of caution.

GC D 30 Jul 16

Silver does not appear quite as dynamic as the gold charts, yet it continues to quietly outperform relative to gold.  We mention the small gap apparent on this chart because little gaps can signify the beginning of an eventual major move, to the upside in this case.

SI M 30 Jul 16

Like gold, silver stalled in its rally falling just short of reaching resistance, which is a relative indication of weakness in the rally, but still a rally.  The volume increase as price rallied is usually not a positive sign, and for this reason, we take the cautionary view that price may correct more.  That remains to be seen, but at least one can be prepared.

SI W 30 Jul 16

Higher than normal volume on the rally is the theme that cannot be ignored.  The cautionary note may prove wrong and price continues to work higher.  That is always a possibility, but it is not a higher probability.  Again, one can only be prepared for what the gold and silver market will do.

The discussion is focused on the paper gold and silver market as our measure, but until something happens otherwise, it is the only current measure available.  The physical gold and silver market is severely underpriced, and so we keep saying to keep buying.  All fiats are losing ground  relative to gold and silver, and that will be the eventual reality for the months and years ahead.  The debt spiral created by the globalist moneychangers is doomed to fail, but at considerable damage to the masses at large who remain unprepared.

SI D 30 Jul 16



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