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Troubles are just Beginning for the US Dollar & how it will Affect Gold

Normally, Fed tightening policies should cause an ever-increasing boost to the dollar index. Instead, the dollar is facing a swift plunge. Unless the Federal Reserve acts more aggressively in its interest rate hikes, the dollar’s decline will be brutal due to fiscal tightening by central banks around the world. Once stocks begin to collapse in the wake of Fed hikes, gold will bounce back stronger than ever.

Gold and Silver – Review of Charts & Reality v/s Sentiment

We watched the gold and silver market turnaround from the December low, a week or two after the low. We choose to buy on pullbacks in response to market activity. The higher controlling time frames suggests the price still has a way to go before turning into a bullish market. Right now, risk is greater than potential reward in futures trading and not in buying physical gold and silver.

Silver (and Gold) - The ONLY Remedy to the Ongoing Bubble Mania

U.S. stocks, according to many measures, are the most over-valued in history. Bitcoin and other cryptos are definitely in a bubble, but they could rise even higher. Avoid fads, bubbles, central bank distortions and obvious financial insanity. Silver and gold prices have been repressed since 2011. Silver especially, is cheap compared to M3, National Debt, government expenditures, the Dow & gold.

Will Crude Oil Prices slip to $55 before Resuming the Rise to $82 or continue this Rally?

Oil prices are treading water above $US 60/B (WTI) again, the first time since 2015. The current commercial short position of 1,414,461 short contracts in crude oil is a record short position. The bottom line is that investors are excessively optimistic while Commercials are at a record level of bearishness. What is unknowable is whether a pullback will be short and shallow or long and deep.

US Dollar on a Fast Track towards Collapse - Reflecting in Gold and Silver Prices

There is a great danger that a significant fall in the US dollar will lead to global economic stagnation, coupled with escalating price inflation, affecting many of China’s trading partners. China will want to insulate herself from these dangers without adding to them by going for full-blown hegemony. We are beginning, perhaps, to see this reflected in rising prices for gold and silver.

Global Debt rises thrice as Fast as Global Wealth

Since 1997, total global debt increased from $50 trillion to $233 trillion compared to the rise in global wealth from $120 trillion to $280 trillion. So, it’s just a matter of time before the GRAND FACADE comes crashing down. As debt becomes unmanageable, it starts to collapse & so will assets. As investments implode, investors flock into gold and silver – Patience will finally pay off for precious metals holders.

Five Oil Market Myths that need Dispelling: Fuel for Thought

The oil market has come to be defined by several narratives over the past couple of years: market rebalancing, OPEC versus shale, Russia’s relationship with OPEC, OPEC’s conformity with oil production cuts and shale’s resilience to lower prices. But these frameworks have created a narrow ideology that could harm the way producers participate in the oil market this year and beyond.

All the Major Factors that come into Play for Gold in 2018

While inflation has remained low for several months, the most recent readings might suggest that it has started to pick up. When geopolitical tensions rise, investors seek refuge in safe-haven assets—including gold. US equity markets have hit higher highs seemingly every other day & if downside potential materializes, gold might be in for a treat. Also the weakening USD would be positive for gold.

The Investment Case for Gold Suddenly got very Attractive

Methodological shifts in government reporting have depressed reported inflation, moving the concept of the CPI away from being a measure of the cost of living needed to maintain a constant standard of living. The underlying inflation gauge (UIG), however, heated up to 3%, its highest reading since August 2006. The investment case for gold suddenly becomes very attractive.

2018 Promises To Be A Major Turning Point In Commodities

We’re starting to see rumblings of a major turning point in commodities. In fact, it could turn into one of the biggest comeback moves of 2018. Fact is, commodities are cheap compared to stocks. Historically cheap. Economic catalysts are also bolstering the value argument for commodities. A weakening dollar will provide the fundamental pressure, commodities needs to sustain a successful rally.

The New Bull Market in Gold will be More Powerful than Ever Before

This new bull market in gold that began on Dec. 17, 2015, (proven by the technical behavior of the prior bear market itself) is the real deal and should last until 2028 or beyond. The combination of fundamental, technical and geopolitical factors is converging in 2018 in a way we have not seen since the late 1970s. The new bull market in gold will be even more powerful than ever seen before.

Stealth Rally in Gold Prices Enabled by the battered US Dollar

On domestic and international considerations, the outlook for the US dollar is deeply negative, and so is correspondingly positive for the dollar price of gold. For years, control of the gold price has been suppressed in American markets. That is likely to be challenged by a weakening dollar & ultimately wrested from US futures, if only because physical gold markets are now firmly under Chinese control.

Gold and Silver Price Predictions for 2018

2017 will be recorded as a transition year for gold; 2018, in my opinion, will go down as the year gold reasserted itself as a primal force in the global financial marketplace. In 2018, cash-flush private investors, absent the past year, will join with professional money in the pursuit of gold both in physical and paper forms. As for silver, it has a history of outperforming gold both ways.

Copper Price Outlook & It's Implications on Silver Prices

It is important to keep in mind that we are not looking at copper for its own sake, we are looking at it because of its implications for the economy generally, and especially because of its implications for the outlook for the prices of other metals, especially silver prices. What we are seeing on these copper charts, principally its long-term chart, bodes very well indeed for the future trend of silver prices.

Buying Silver could soon Prove to be the "Investment of the Decade"

Silver tends to underperform gold at the end of sector bear markets and during the early stages of sector bull markets. Prolonged underperformance by silver is therefore a sign of a bottom. A favorable COT setup, as seen now is a precondition for a new bull market. Silver is now a strong buy & an even stronger buy in the event that it should react back short term towards its lows of about two weeks ago.

Deeply Discounted Gold Prices, Poised for a Major Bullish Breakout

With the new tax plan fanning fears of inflation and exploding U.S. government debt, the gold bugs have resurfaced. To be sure, gold bugs have several things to latch onto at the moment. Here are the major reasons about why, where and how gold prices could greatly benefit & some more critical reasons to add to your gold holdings.

10 Year Immunity to JPMorgan for Manipulating Silver and Gold gets over in a few months

Here’s someone who contends that the US Government made a ten year deal with JPMorgan, giving the bank immunization against regulatory oversight in matters involving silver (and gold). JPMorgan has put the last ten years to good use, in both milking guaranteed profits from its COMEX short side paper dominance & then by beginning to accumulate physical silver seven years ago on a scale never before witnessed.

Expect Silver to Shine Far Better than Gold in 2018

Goldman analysts look for silver to fare better than gold in 2018. They said, “We are finally beginning to see evidence of silver industrial demand picking up with strong global growth, as the impact of both thrifting and substitution appear to fade. Therefore, strong global growth should, in our view, lead silver to outperform gold, as it has in previous expansion phases.”

2017 saw Bitcoin's Astronomical Rise - 2018 will be a Year for Gold and Silver

The new security risks associated with “investing” in cryptocurrency are far greater than most are willing to admit. As flawed as gold is, it has a long history of survival and relevance. That is more than we can say for bitcoin. 2018 will be a year for gold and silver unlike we have seen in some time. Both will move higher in a sustained fashion throughout all of 2018. Here are all the reasons why.

Paper Gold - It Is What It Is, But It's Not What It Seems

Only true physical gold demand can force The Bullion Banks to de-lever their system and only this deleveraging of the fractional reserve system can force the discovery of a true, physical price. And there are rumblings that such a movement toward physical holding may be coming. So the question is, are you prepared? Your only option in this is to hold real, physical metal.

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