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Not Buying Gold Now. Why? Because The Best Returns will be in Silver

Silver is a great place to make money… It will often outperform gold. You can use the gold-to-silver ratio to monitor the relationship between the two. The ratio is trending upward again right now. That’s good news for silver investors. It means silver is getting cheaper relative to gold. If the ratio continues to climb toward 80 again, that would be a solid place to buy.

Silver Imports From The U.S. Continue At Record Volumes

Physical silver investment demand cooled down in Oct & Nov. However, the U.S. imported 557 metric tons of silver in Dec compared to 418 mt in Nov. Now, if we look at the entire year, the U.S. imported nearly 1,000 mt more silver than it did in 2014. Why would silver imports surge in December, if physical investment and industrial demand was lower?

Primary Silver Mining Company To Cut Production 25% In 2016

The low price of silver has finally claimed is first victim. Endeavour Silver announced that it will cut silver production of one of their mines by 25% in 2016 & put it on care and maintenance. It will be interesting to see if other primary silver mining companies also announce a cut back in production this year.

Comex Registered Silver Inventories Plunge Nearly 10% In One Day

The Comex continues to see a drain of its Registered Silver inventories, while the SHFE inventories are showing a rapid increase. It will be interesting to see what happens at these two exchanges over the next 6 months. If Comex Registered Silver inventories continue to fall, this could spell more trouble for the highly leveraged paper based precious metal markets going forward.

Wish You All A Very Happy Dipawali

Best wishes on Dipawali – May millions of lamps illuminate your life with endless joy, prosperity, health, wealth, success & all the very best that life can offer – today & forever….From, Your friends at Moneyline & Commodity Trade Mantra

We're Relying on Phantom Wealth to Fund Our Retirement

That Social Security, Medicare & pension funds invested in stocks & bonds can fund the retirement of 65 million people is a misleading fantasy. Phantom wealth cannot possibly fund unprecedented retirement & healthcare promises. Only real wealth can do that; central bank liquidity & asset bubbles it inflates are not real wealth.

Fast Food Providers Beat Inflation - Add Wood Pulp To Burgers

Entrance of wood pulp – a non-absorbable fiber into fast food ingredients has been stealthy, yet found in buns, cheeses, sauces, cakes, shakes, fries, onion rings, smoothies – basically everything. Why are companies inserting it into food items? Cost effectiveness of this filler, to mask inflation & earn more profits most likely.

How Government Forces the Poor Into Black Markets

The fact that cash enables black market transactions is one of its greatest benefits to the poor & undercapitalized. The poor cannot afford to navigate regulatory thickets & the choice then, is to set up an informal, cash-based business, or none at all. Without government who would harass small business? Government definitely built that.

How A Country Dies - Death Of A Nation

Do people understand what is happening to them & their country? I suspect some have partial awareness. Few appreciate the full consequences of what is happening. People sense there is something wrong, even though they may be unable to identify what that something might be – But always believe it may be temporary.

How The US Is Arming Both Sides Of The Iraq Conflict

Since the Iraq army has so far proven utterly incapable of any resistance, it is now up to US drones to “fight” the same “rebels” that the US itself was collaborating with until a month. The clear winner here? The US military-industrial complex, of course. Collateral damage? Millions of innocent people in Syria and Iraq.

How Facebook Exploits Underage Girls In Its Quest For Ad Revenue

A 14-year-old girl in Washington state said she “Liked” an ad that she thought was for modeling, but led to the Facebook page of a nude webcam-modeling site. – This story is sure to make your blood boil no matter who you are, but particularly if you are a parent with young children.

How To Dismantle the American Empire

United States would never tolerate another country building a string of bases around America, stationing thousands of its troops on its soil, enforcing a no-fly zone over American territory, or sending their fleets to patrol off our coasts. How much longer will others tolerate these actions by the US?

Obama Fires the First Shot on Your Retirement Account

US retirement accounts hold well over $5 trillion in assets – You can almost hear Uncle Sam salivate. The MyRA looks like the first baby step toward acclimating people to the idea that retirement savings are too important to entrust 100% to the market. Government bonds, you see, are much safer.

The New World Order – Part 1. The Betrayal of the Nation

Everywhere, the sovereignty and wealth of the Nation, which was once the embodiment of power and will of the people, is being butchered and sold to the highest bidder – We are watching the machinery of the State being used to betray the Nation in favor of global finance and the elite who own it.

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