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Freedom – Hope for a Better & a Happy New Year 2013 & Beyond…

Freedom - Hope for a Better 2013 & Beyond…

Freedom - Hope for a Better 2013 & Beyond…

What is Absolute Freedom?
Absolute Freedom is –
Freedom to Smile & spread Happiness,
Freedom to Live & Respect,
Freedom to give and freedom to share,
Freedom from want and that of despair,
Freedom to think and freedom to know,
Freedom to achieve and freedom to grow,
Freedom to work and freedom to play,
Freedom to believe and freedom to pray,
Freedom to experience a rebirth someday,
Freedom from bondage and freedom of liberation,
Freedom from ignorance and any unknown situation,
Freedom to come and freedom to leave,
Freedom to stay and freedom to conceive,
Freedom to enjoy and the capacity to please,
Freedom to laugh and freedom to cry,
Freedom to speak and freedom to listen,
Freedom to act based on a wise decision,
Freedom from hate and freedom of love
Freedom of the day and freedom of the night,
Freedom to choose and freedom to reject,
Freedom to imagine what there is to expect,
Freedom from lust and freedom from greed,
Freedom from anger and freedom from breed,
Freedom from jealousy and freedom from pride,
Freedom from within and freedom from outside,
Freedom of always not having anything to hide,
Freedom from attachment and freedom from crime,
How can Absolute Freedom be –
Freedom to hurt & freedom to agonize,
Freedom to kill someone’s pride,
Freedom to live & to let someone die,
Freedom to steal & freedom to lie,
Freedom to leer & freedom to lust,
Freedom to have – what you must…

With Freedom of this kind around, there is NO Absolute Freedom at all.
Let’s just once again Think “What Absolute Freedom is” –
With freedom comes recognition,
With recognition comes obligation,
With obligation comes responsibility,
With responsibility comes accountability,
And the end results are not always easily foreseen..
Let Freedom ring – Let Absolute Freedom ring – 2013 & beyond.

How blind we can sometimes be,
Living our life of ease surrounded by many unfortunate,
Secure with the thoughts that nothing Bad’s going to land on our doorstep.
It’s a one world & every one & everything’s linked,
Smiles to Smiles & Tears to Tears.
Punishment for crime may deter a few but not all,
But the divine light of love, understanding & enlightenment, may give deliverance to us all.

Let’s each light a candle in our hearts today,
This one candle will link to other candles,
And create a light so wonderful –
That will lead all of us – Only to the path that’s right & pure.
Until that happens,
Absolute Freedom from pain, for most of us would mean Death-
Freedom from the body and freedom from the pain in the mind & soul…


Freedom - Hope for a Better 2013 & Beyond…Freedom - Hope for a Better 2013 & Beyond…Freedom - Hope for a Better 2013 & Beyond…Freedom - Hope for a Better 2013 & Beyond…


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