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A Case For Much Higher Silver Prices
Silver Trading | SRSroccoreport | June 22, 2015

The reason silver will increase in value in the future has nothing to do with industrial demand, but rather as a result of investors moving out of increasingly worthless paper assets and into physical ones to protect wealth. Silver is just as good as a store of wealth as is gold. Gold and silver are true stores of value, while most paper assets are ILLUSIONS of value.

Gold to Fuel Silver Upleg
Gold Trading | Silver Trading | March 30, 2015

Silver is a fascinating market. Almost without exception, all of silver’s biggest and strongest spikes, uplegs, and bull markets in modern history have been fueled by parallel gold rallies. From an investment perspective, silver is ultimately just a leveraged play on gold. Silver investment demand is almost totally dependent on gold’s fortunes.

Silver Prices Poised to Surge
Silver Trading | March 24, 2015

The bottom line is that silver prices are poised to surge big. Silver is carving a major bottom after a brutal bear market, and investors and speculators have already started to return despite the incredibly-bearish sentiment. But stock traders & futures speculators still have a lot of silver buying left to do – And it will likely unfold fast.

A Major Silver Shortage Must and Will Occur
Silver Trading | December 23, 2014

With plunging base metal prices, given that majority of silver production is by-product from base metals; its entirely possible that global silver production declines 25%-50% over next 3-5 years, unless prices significantly increase. Silver industrial demand excluding silverware, jewelry, coins & bars is forecast to increase by 27% over the next 5 years.

Silver Demand Jumps, 2014 Silver Eagles Bullion Coins Sold Out: US Mint
Silver Trading | November 6, 2014

In a day, investors bought around 90% of the daily global mine supply through Silver Eagles ALONE. American Eagle silver coin sales are temporarily sold out. And yet, COMEX silver futures dropped to $15.12 yesterday, the lowest since February 2010. Would like to know if this is anything else other than plain & simple “Manipulation”?

David Morgan's Secret to Being Grateful, Even at $17 Silver
Silver Trading | October 9, 2014

People need to keep in mind that prices go up & down in all markets. Second, know that fundamentals of owning gold & silver have not changed. Third, remember why they bought it in the first place. And lastly, ensure that they are diversified properly, meaning they need to own the right amount of physical metal for their age & objectives.

Outlook for New Electrical & Electronic Uses of Silver - Silver Institute
Silver Trading | August 1, 2014

With the introduction of these advanced uses of silver in the electrical and electronics category, which last year provided over 40 percent of total silver industrial demand, along with growth in established uses, we should see silver industrial demand develop even further, especially as economies grow globally.

Connecting the Dots in Gold and Silver
Gold Trading | Sprott Group | June 3, 2014

In this month’s Markets at a Glance, we present a collection of thoughts on why we think the precious metals – gold and silver are a compelling investment now. We believe that any rational investor considering this collection of facts would consider that the precious metals prices are long overdue for a re-rate.

Silver Improves Water Purifiers And Smart Tags
Silver Trading | May 14, 2014

Chinese scientists have developed ‘smart tags’ composed of silver and gold microscopic-sized rods that can stick to containers and change color when food has gone bad. The silver and gold nanorods tags contain vitamin C, acetic and lactic acids, and agar, which react with nanorods to change their color.

Is a Silver Supply Shortage on the Horizon?
Silver Trading | March 17, 2014

It’s in part because of the many uses, both as an investment and industrial metal, that some silver market watchers think at some point — perhaps in the near future — demand for the metal will exceed supply, creating a shortage. Silver also has myriad technological and medical applications.

Silver Bullion Coin Sales Rose to Record High in 2013
Silver Trading | February 19, 2014

Strong investment demand for silver drove global sales of one-ounce silver bullion coins to an all-time record high in 2013, and investors’ interest in acquiring silver coins is healthy in the opening weeks of 2014. Already this year, over 6,500,000 American Eagle Silver Bullion coins have been sold.

Silver Saw Net ETF Inflows, Compared To Gold’s Insane Decline
Silver Trading | December 11, 2013

Holdings in silver ETFs, which allow ordinary investors to track prices without owning physical metal, were at 655 million ounces as of Oct. 31, up 25 million ounces from the start of the year – Compare that with holdings in the equivalent gold products, which saw outflows of 806 metric tons in 2013.

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