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Silver Prices Are Bound To Rocket - Here Is The Reason "Why"

When I look at silver prices, I can’t help but say that the precious metal looks severely undervalued. Silver was considered an industrial metal, but we are now seeing a significant increase in investment consumption. While investor demand for silver is surging, lower silver prices are forcing producers to make cuts, meaning lower prices are leading to reduced supply. THINK!

What’s Ahead for Silver Prices Even as Demand Remains Extreme?

A silver price target of $50.00 an ounce may sound too “out there” when the current price is close to $14.00, but we must remember these three important factors: demand for silver is strong, supply of silver is contracting, and silver is desperately out of favor with investors—the perfect catalyst for higher silver prices.

Silver – A Rigged Market Coming To An End

One of the strongest moving factors to act as a catalyst for silver will be the fate of the fiat dollar which is all central bankers care about. China’s and India’s record buying aren’t enough to change the trend – Let that be your message of how strong a hold central bankers can exert in suppressing price.

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