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Silver Prices rose twice as much as Gold in June - Will this continue?

Silver prices rose by 12.5% in June compared to 6.7% for gold though for the year-to-date gold is still fractionally ahead. Silver bulls see this as the start of a rocket to the moon for prices. Can this out-performance by silver continue? Actually if gold prices continue to advance, it would be very surprising if silver did not.

Why Gold and Silver Could Outperform Every Other Asset Class in 2014

What will set off an explosive rally in gold and silver remains to be seen but there are plenty of potential triggers including war in the Ukraine or South Korea, as well as the significant financial risk of collapsing asset bubbles engineered by the extremely loose monetary policies of the world’s central banks.

It Is Unanimous: Gold Remains the Most Hated Asset Class

While the debt ceiling farce is playing out, a full court press against gold has become visible in the media again, with mainstream sell-side analysts trying to out-bear each other – Never mind that none of them advised to buy gold when the bull market started.

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