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The Bull Market in Stocks May Have Ended Already

With the Fed now running out of ammo, we MAY no longer be in a bull market. Instead, we MAY be entering a bear market. If so, you can forget about a recovery in four months. Instead, it may take four years… or 40 years… to reclaim the bull market high set this past May. Corrections in a bull market are one thing. Bear markets are something very different.

The Fed Admits Economy Can't Function Without Bubbles

Wild swings in asset prices over the past 20 years and the associated boom-bust cycles have sparked considerable debate about how monetary policy might play a stabilizing role. In other words, thanks to Alan Greenspan, the US economy cannot function under a normalized monetary policy regime, “roughly speaking.”

Why Central Banks Need More Volatility - To Maintain Their Omnipotence

Will volatility become a policy tool? PBOC decided that enough was enough with the ever-strengthening Yuan & are trying to break the back of the world’s largest carry trade by increasing uncertainty about the currency. Central banks will need more FX & asset market volatility in order to provide low rates for an extended period.

Why Gold Looks Better than the S&P: Marc Faber

When I compare gold to the S&P, the S&P is up substantially since 2011 and gold is down substantially. If you compare the performance of gold shares to the S&P, it has been a disaster for gold shares. I think gold at this price is actually one of the few assets that are relatively inexpensive now.

Yellen Promises More - Evidence Suggests Less

While Yellen remains committed to ongoing QE programs to support the recovery, not surprisingly, the asset markets rallied sharply on her testimony as the primary concern as of late has been the removal, or tapering, of QE that has been primarily responsible for driving asset prices higher.

Summary Of The Current US Debt and Economic Situation

Many of the factors that led to the 2008 economic crises – high debt levels, global imbalances, unfinanced social entitlements – are at even higher levels today and Economies are still too reliant on debt driven consumption.

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