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This Time Central Banks Will Need A Bailout: Make Sure You Buy Gold

In the late ‘90s, Wall Street bailed out a hedge fund. In 2008, the Federal Reserve bailed out Wall Street. But in 2018, it’s the central banks that will need a bailout. And what will happen to the dollar when the Fed loses international credibility? I worked hard for my money & I want to preserve it. I don’t want to see it wiped out. Gold will preserve my wealth & that’s why I have it.

Action in the Gold Market

On a positive note, there is strong buying support around US$1,180, which is where gold prices rallied from overnight. The good news for gold is that there is still very little investor interest in the gold market. In short, gold is not cool. That’s exactly how bear market’s end and bull markets start.

How a Default by Greece May Sill Unravel the EU

Greece is actually in the driver’s seat. Historical evidence shows that once a country reaches such a situation it is likely to default within the next 2 years. Quotation: “If you owe the bank thousands, then you have a problem. If you owe the bank millions, then the bank has a problem.” In the current situation, it is the EU that has a problem.

Meet The World's First "Undercover, Super-Secret Central Banker"

World’s most powerful central banker was so terrified of leaving a paper trail with his real name in what he realized was borderline illegal meddling in financial systems, he felt compelled to use a pseudonym!. Mr.Quince Edward (QE) was the pseudonym then-Fed Chairman Bernanke used when conferring with colleagues during financial crisis.

Greece Recovery? 60% Of Greeks Live At Or Below Poverty Levels

A report from Greece’s State Budget Office found that three in every five Greeks, or some 6.3 million people, were living in poverty or under the threat of poverty in 2013 due to material deprivation and unemployment. Greece also ranks fourth among EU states in poverty disparity, after Spain, Romania and Bulgaria.

China Bails Out Money Markets Following Repo Rate Blow Out

China said it injected over 300 billion yuan ($49.2 billion) into the nation’s money markets over a three-day period as interbank interest rates surged to their highest levels since June – Perhaps the PBOC hinting at tapering at a time when the Fed is actually doing so is not the smart choice…

The Next Big Bank to Fail Will Get Liquidated into… Another Big Bank

The “SPOE” single point of entry by FDIC for handling a big bank liquidation will result in another crappy big bank coming out the other end. We have a bankruptcy code. Banks should be allowed to fail and should never get so big that it makes the world come to a standstill if they blow themselves up.

A Shutdown Or Politics? How It Was Engineered

This shut-down of the government is not about too much federal spending or how to make health care really affordable. It’s not even about Obama or the Democrats. It’s only about realigning Politics.

Buckle Up, the European Crisis Will Be Back Soon

Expect the European Crisis to hit back with a vengeance – When you consider the European banking system which is leveraged at 26 to 1, it’s clear that there’s only one outcome possible here: Implosion

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