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Global Capital Markets Are A Tale of Two Crises

A crack-up was always just a matter of time. Is this the time? Both have the potential to ignite a global systemic meltdown. Are China and Greece the snowflakes that start the avalanche? Probably not. The system is fragile and these crises are urgent. But they are also amenable to government responses ranging from plain vanilla bailouts to more extreme bail-ins.

How China Fooled The World With Fiat

China is the second largest economy in the world & for the last 30 years it’s economy has grown at an astonishing rate, as spending and investment has been undertaken on a scale never seen before in human history. And now they’ve had two technical defaults over the last couple of weeks.

After the crash of September 2008, the term “too big to fail” became familiar when hundreds of billions of dollars were set aside to bail out BANKS -The nations largest financial institutions. And today, many of the mega-banks that caused the panic of 2008 have now become even larger.

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