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Financial Markets - How Effective Have The Fed's QE Programs Been?

The rise & gains in the financial markets have come at a time when corporate profits are slowing; economic growth remains weak and geopolitical tensions have been on the rise. This is solely due to the Federal Reserve’s ongoing liquidity injections into the financial markets. How this all ends is really anyone’s guess.

Why Rick Rule Says ‘Anti - Gold Investors Will be Destroyed’

It won’t be long before investors begin to slow down their bond purchases, as they see their purchasing power erode. They will look at other investments to help them avoid that guaranteed loss. Anti-gold investors may once again witness gold shining on through the resulting calamity.

The Federal Reserve's REAL Reason For Quantitative Easing

When the first round of quantitative easing ended, Andrew Huszar says that it was incredibly obvious that QE had done very little to benefit average Americans but it had been an absolute coup for Wall Street. – It doesn’t take a genius to figure it out who benefits from quantitative easing.

The Case for Investing in Gold - Why to keep on Investing

The last 2 years have disappointed gold investors and sharp declines after a day of rises last week epitomized the frustrating price movement – If gold can’t stay elevated on the Fed’s “No Taper” what hope is there going forward – Why bother Investing in Gold?

Citi's Silver (Lining) Playbook

Right now as we watch how this dynamic evolves, the charts suggest that Long Silver against the USD looks to be one of the best trades to have in your “playbook”

US Federal Reserve

Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke Says Unemployment a “Grave Concern”: Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said he would not rule out further bond purchases […]

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