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4 Reasons Why America’s Economic Challenges Outweigh Opportunities

Why is government-provided economic security an illusion? There is no way to pay for these benefits without raising tax rates to a degree that would destroy both the economy & financial markets or annihilate the value of the dollar. Then tax receipts would fall along with incomes, capital gains & economic activity.

Is The Deficit Reduction Just Another Mirage?

As the impact of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) weighs on consumptive spending, current entitlements continue to expand, and economic growth weighs on future tax revenues the deficit will likely worsen in the future.

Wishing For Inflation? The Last Gasp Before Hyperinflation

Contrary to popular assumption, the Fed will get its constant wish for inflation, along with every other central bank armed with an unbacked currency – But far from the inflation of flawed theory, what they will get is a stampeding heard of rhinoceros.

It's The Boom That Should Be Feared, Not The Bust

The bust was written in the cards and it could not be avoided, just postponed – It is not the bust, but the boom that should be feared. We currently fear Fed tapering, as we should. Yet, we should be even more fearful that it doesn’t taper.

Debt, Austerity, Devastation: Now it’s Europe’s Turn

Like plague in the 14th century, the scourge of debt has migrated from South to North – No doubt fewer debt-related deaths in Europe today than in Africa 3 decades ago, but more permanent harm done to once-thriving European economies

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