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Gold Bullion Dealers Beginning To See a Heavy Buying Demand

Gold and silver prices are being managed, held down with leverage on paper & used to misdirect the public into looking the wrong direction. Big money is holding down the paper price, while gobbling up the physical & will paper cover or sell treasuries to cover their short positions. There’s a huge demand for buying because of this low price.

Does Surging Demand For Gold & Silver Coins Signal a Bottom?

There’s no guarantee that this gold and silver demand, bullion coins buying, encouraging as it seems, is anything more than a blip. But in the aggregate it does seem like a lot of buyers, individual & national, old and new, are finding current prices to be attractive. That’s how bottoms form and new bull markets begin.

India Tightens Checks to Curb Gold Smuggling

India has started to make physical checks of gold stocks held by wholesalers to ensure inventories match quantity imported as India steps up efforts to halt gold smuggling. This could aggravate shortages in the physical market as authorities seize gold without a valid provenance, boosting premiums.

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