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Negative Interest Rates: Causes, Consequences and Ramifications

Negative interest rates are unprecedented and show how far we have gone off course in terms of policy related to money and credit markets. They are already having a tremendous effect in several European countries and Japan, and they may eventually be coming to the US. Negative rates hold significant future implications for gold as well.

The Great Gold Investing Struggle - Are You Buying High and Selling Low?

Core idea of investing distilled down in 4 simple words, Buy Low Sell High – So basic & clear, even a child can understand this principle. Yet the great majority of investors never achieve significant success & end up buying high & selling low. Why? Emotions are the reason. This struggle of investing must be overcome.

Why Central Bank Stimulus Cannot Bring Economic Recovery

The Central banks of the world are engaged in a futile effort to stimulate economic recovery through an expansion of fiat money credit. Rather than stimulate the economy, central bank credit expansion causes capital destruction and a lower standard of living in the future than would have been the case otherwise.

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