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How to Subvert Public Resistance Against Elimination of Cash - IMF Tells Governments

The IMF has published a Working Paper on “de-cashing”. It advises governments who want to abolish cash against the will of their citizenry. Move slowly, start with harmless seeming measures, is part of that advice. The de-cashing process could build on the initial & largely uncontested steps, such as the phasing out of large denomination bills, ceilings on cash transactions, etc.

EU Escalates War on Cash: Will Gold and Silver Be in Crosshairs Next?

In Germany, 79% of transactions are done in cash. Many there aren’t going to take restrictions lying down. Some see the war on cash for what it is – bureaucrats using the lever of fear to once again ratchet up controls and restrict privacy. Attempts to regulate the trade of physical gold and silver will not be far behind any restrictions on cash.

Buy Gold for What It Does, Not for Its Price

I think what the Fed does could have short-term impact, but I don’t buy gold around it. I don’t buy gold at $1,100 because I think it’s going to $1,200, I buy it for what it does, not what the price is, the price is the last consideration for me. As the economic picture comes into sharper focus, people will realize that “gold is the answer.” Investors should focus on owning physical gold, not paper promises.

The Only Way to Buy Gold Without the Government Tracking You

Think twice before you buy gold…the government could be tracking you. But there’s one way to buy gold so they can’t track you. It is to buy gold with cash at a locally owned jewelry store. Paper cash is hard to track & so governments are trying to get rid of it. The local jewelry shop is the last place you can buy gold without the government tracking you. Take advantage of it while you can.

Will Gold And Silver Purchasers Be Called "Economic Terrorists"?

The only thing the issuers of fiat can do to keep their Ponzi currency scheme going is to make it impossible to use any other form for money. Cash transactions are unacceptable hence. Gold and silver fall into the anti-fiat category & outside of government control. So those who buy or have gold and silver are against the government use of fiat & must therefore be terrorists.

What A Cashless Society Would Look Like

Those who generate real wealth & employment need support, not penalties on how they choose to go about their business. A cash ban does not address any substantive issues. What is needed is a sensible economic proposal & political courage to implement a Cashless Society, which so far seems to be lacking.

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