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Deflation Is A Problem For The Fed

The threat of a deflation, more than six years after the last recession, remains an imminent threat. It is not just a domestic issue, but a global one. The continued hope, of course, is that the next round of interventions will be the one that finally sparks the inflationary pressures needed to jump start the engine of economic recovery.

Meet The World's First "Undercover, Super-Secret Central Banker"

World’s most powerful central banker was so terrified of leaving a paper trail with his real name in what he realized was borderline illegal meddling in financial systems, he felt compelled to use a pseudonym!. Mr.Quince Edward (QE) was the pseudonym then-Fed Chairman Bernanke used when conferring with colleagues during financial crisis.

A Central Banker Has A "License To Lie’

To mislead investors is actually a key skill required by a central banker’s job description. Revealing the true state of national finances at a time when a devaluation or comparable financial crisis is looming might be to guarantee the loss of the central bank’s entire reserves.

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