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Silver Prices Will Move Much Higher And Faster Than You Expect

Historically, silver prices have a tendency to decline & rise way more & faster than most people expect. The recent 5-year decline is a good example of a decline that went lower than expected. The current silver price rally will also likely far exceed most people’s expectation. There are many fundamental & technical reasons that give this silver price rally an edge above all other previous rallies.

Silver: Victim of Motive, Means, and Opportunity

One of the best ways to discourage silver investors is to run the price up, hype it all the way, massively sell futures short near the top, encourage the COMEX to increase margins & ride the price collapse down. Retail investors typically come into the market late, ride it up, feel euphoric until the crash, get out too late & then after huge losses, swear they will NEVER look at silver again.

The Curious Case for Silver and Why Prices are not Higher

A major new buyer has entered the market purchasing as much as 20% of the total world production this year for investment purposes – follow the money and add some silver. And to top it off, at the moment it costs more to produce silver than to purchase it.

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