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The Reality Behind the Numbers in China’s Boom-Bust Economy

The US Federal Reserve orchestrated an artificial boom from 2001 to 2007 through artificially low interest rates, paid for it with millions of destroyed jobs, wasted labor & wasted resources, but has resumed doing so once again. The Chinese Central Bank learned nothing from the Fed’s catastrophic experiment for its economy. They will reap the same rewards.

Goldman Calls It: No Rate Hike Until Mid-2016

There you have it: no rate hike until mid-2016, which as we said previously, means no rate hike at all since the “apolitical” Fed will never hike just before a presidential election, and more importantly, by then the epic inventory liquidation-driven recession will have already started, making the only question that matters in the summer of 2016: NIRP or QE4.

Gold Demand In China For 2013 May Exceed 1,100 Tons

Physical demand for gold in China has skyrocketed this year after prices plunged in April and June and Chinese consumers have soaked up about 800 tons for the year to Nov. 15, according to World Gold Council, beating India, their biggest rival – Moreover, it is also the world’s top gold producer.

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