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China On A Gold Buying Binge Despite Massive Debt For Obvious Reasons

Similar to that of other developed nations, China’s debt has also reached “bubbly” proportions. But they know that during the next crisis those nations with a large gold backing will not only survive, but will be prosperous as well! China will most certainly increase its gold reserves even further. Imagine if only a portion of their $1.22 trillion US treasury holdings are shifted to gold. BOOM…

Global Debt Now $200 Trillion!

Global debt is now in the region of $200 trillion. Unless and until the debt based system is replaced there can only ever be an increasing debt load and an urgency for economic growth with the consequent degradation of our environment and a debt enslaved humanity.

Chinese Real Estate Debt Settled In Silver, SGE Premium 5.7 %

Gold and silver, which have high market liquidity, are being used by the Chinese for settling debts & as a currency. Gold can be exchanged for cars and silver for houses. This means either the debt is actually worth less than half it’s value, or silver is actually worth more than double it’s value.

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