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Mainstream Media "The Domination Of The US Dollar Is Coming To An End"

Reserve currencies come and go. So will the dollar. According to SWIFT, China’s renminbi is now the second most used currency in the world for global trade settlement, putting it ahead of even the euro. It’s happening. And based on the data, it’s completely obvious… to just about everyone but the US government.

Is This The Reason Why Gold Prices Are Rising?

We cannot predict increases in policy uncertainty in China, but can undertake a simulation using our index and price time series, and simply ask ourselves what a change in Chinese economic policy uncertainty would do to gold prices.

The Chinese Government’s Gold Policy - From The Horse’s Mouth

This is a detailed policy memo from the China’s highest government to let the various ministries & department know of the direction, intentions, progress & steps of development of the many facets and components of the gold market that serves both the gold industry and other areas of finance.

The China Crisis You Haven’t Heard About

An ageing population shifts the ratio of worker to retiree and pushes social costs upward. China’s GDP per capita is only 15% of the U.S., which means the burden per worker is much worse than in the United States

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