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The Screaming Fundamentals For Owning Gold

Gold is one of the few investments that every investor should have in their portfolio. We are now at the dangerous end-game period of a very bold but very reckless & disappointing experiment with the world’s fiat currencies. If this experiment fails, gold will provide one of the best forms of wealth insurance. Insurance only works if you buy it before you need to rely on it.

Is a Silver Supply Shortage on the Horizon?

It’s in part because of the many uses, both as an investment and industrial metal, that some silver market watchers think at some point — perhaps in the near future — demand for the metal will exceed supply, creating a shortage. Silver also has myriad technological and medical applications.

COMEX Default Risk As Gold Inventories Plummet 36%

COMEX Gold inventories have plunged over 36% year to date, from 11.059 million oz to 7.034 today, creating a market more leveraged than it has been for the last 9 years. A default on delivery of gold bullion bars remains a risk, till gold remains in backwardation.

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