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Commodities Firms Gain Most as FTSE 100 Keeps Going Strong

It is clear that commodities prices have had a really big impact on the stock market in this period, and that this has been far greater than even the impact of the general election. With the pound not doing anything especially interesting at the time (it rose slightly against the dollar but was down against the euro), oil prices have certainly been one of the most important drivers on the market.

Copper Price Forecast 2016: Producers Under Pressure

With copper at $2, roughly 20 percent of the world’s production is not economic on a C1-cash-cost basis. Producers have been able to hang on thus far, but if low prices persist, there could be further production curtailments and mine shutdowns down the road. Hopefully that will be a catalyst that will help prices move higher.

A Key Indicator Low Oil Prices Are Lifting Demand

Strong shipping demand out of China suggests that currently-low global oil prices are lifting demand. With the pricing numbers in fact showing that Chinese oil users still need a lot of supply — so much so, they’re willing to pay top dollar to bring it in. Market sources are also saying strong buying interest for VLCCs is also coming from places like Japan.

When it Comes to Recession and Deflation, the Fed is the Last to Know

The Federal Reserve keeps forecasting a rosy scenario with 5% unemployment, 2.5% growth & 2% inflation. Yet the Fed has the worst forecasting record of any major institution. Their forecasts have been consistently wrong. Actual data show unemployment higher, growth lower and inflation lower than the Fed expects. Deflation is the Fed’s worst nightmare.

The Fed Is Bluffing... Interest Rates Won't Rise in 2015

The minutes of the most recent Fed meeting showed Yellen and team still won’t pull the trigger on interest rates hike until certain unspecified conditions are met. Well, guess what… Conditions will never be met. Commodities are plumbing record lows – most notably oil and “Dr. Copper,” widely seen to signal a deteriorating economy worldwide. That’s why Ms. Yellen is reluctant to raise rates.

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