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We Must End this Addiction to Debt as the Engine of Growth

Growth is back – after a fashion – but debt levels are rising again, productivity growth in advanced economies is close to post- war lows, capital spending is becalmed, inroads into deep fiscal and current account deficits are proceeding only at glacial pace. Is this a sustainable economic model?

Who Are The Biggest Losers From The Emerging Market Crisis?

Markets won’t be calmed until there is clear evidence the current account deficits in EM nations improve. But how can these adjustments happen? Current accounts are a zero sum game, so future improvements in emerging market trade balances have to come at someone else’s expense.

Have The Emerging Markets Gotten Oversold?

During the past few months, Emerging Markets have been subject to much pessimism, but periods of short-term volatility are certainly not and don’t change our long-term conviction of the potential emerging markets hold

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