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Fed Minutes on Inflation, Debt Limit, Balance Sheet & the Effect on Gold

If the Fed minutes indicate that more Fed policymakers see the weak inflation as long-lasting, it could reduce the chances of an anticipated hike, thus the USD would drop. On the other hand, the corrective move in the US Dollar would gather pace if the policymakers blame low inflation on transitory factors. The Fed minutes due today would shed light on the future movements in gold.

Gold Price Strengthening as Debt Ceiling Debate Heats Up … Again

Any near-term “resolution” of the debt ceiling standoff that doesn’t require the government to start living within its means won’t resolve the debt problem. It will just make the problem bigger – more spending; more borrowing; more bond buying from the Federal Reserve. It all adds up to more reasons to own gold and silver.

Government Shutdown & Debt Limit Questions Answered

A federal shutdown due to a funding lapse looks no less likely than it did two weeks ago. The Senate is expected to begin voting later this week on a funding extension, but the House looks unlikely to act until shortly before the September 30 deadline. Here are some attempts to answer the main questions surrounding the shutdown, debt limit & ramifications.

Gold, the National Debt and the Debt Limit - are Co-Related

Gold, national debt & the debt limit have tracked each other fairly well since the year 2000 & have followed each other, more or less, over six decades. Is there any reason to expect this pattern to change? We can depend upon congress to borrow & spend, and gold prices will rise to reflect that reality.

If The US Dollar Is Doomed, Gold Should Rise

It is rare that investors are given a road map. When this happens, the few who can actually read the map, understand the clear signs and directions it contains, find themselves in an enviable position – Such is currently the case with gold and gold-related investments.

Derivatives And The U.S. Government Shutdown

The universe of derivatives deals has grown much larger than in 2008, effectively untouched by President Obama’s so-called financial reforms – Even if the whole planet were offered as collateral, it could not cover Wall Street’s bets.

Obama Offers Two Choices: Unconditional Surrender Or Default

Barack Obama is warning that if he does not get everything that he wants, he will force the US into a devastating debt default which will cripple the entire global economy – Will settle for nothing less than complete and unconditional surrender of the Republican Party.

What A U.S. Debt Default Would Mean For The Global Economy

Just for starters – A U.S. debt default would cause stocks and bonds to crash, would cause interest rates to soar wildly out of control, would cause a massive credit crunch and would cause a derivatives panic that would be absolutely unprecedented.

Government Shutdowns, The Debt Ceiling And Gold

Longer term investors buy gold because they must expect that government debt and monetary inflation will indeed continue on the path they have been on for quite some time now and that the date with destiny is very likely unavoidable.

U.S. Default Risk On October 17 Jitters Push Gold Up 2.4%

Deepening concerns about the government shutdown, poor jobs data and growing risk of a U.S. default led to dollar weakness which in turn helped Gold recoup much of Tuesday’s flash crash losses and rise by 2.4%, gaining $40 from a 2 month low at $1,278.24/oz

$17 Trillion U.S. National Debt? Try $211 Trillion

The U.S. national debt, which the Treasury has accounted, continues to surge higher every day and is now at $16.95 trillion, to soon surpass the $17 trillion mark – But that is just the tip of the iceberg – The true indebtedness or fiscal gap is $211 trillion.

Debt, Austerity, Devastation: Now it’s Europe’s Turn

Like plague in the 14th century, the scourge of debt has migrated from South to North – No doubt fewer debt-related deaths in Europe today than in Africa 3 decades ago, but more permanent harm done to once-thriving European economies

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