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Everything You Need To Know About Debt

Debt has become so ingrained in the American lifestyles, it’s borderline impossible to live without a credit card or a loan. What is debt, exactly & does it have a limit? How big is the debt & why do we have so much? While debt may seem like an abstract concept, when the federal debt is exceptionally high, the consequences are very real. Here are the answers.

Greek FinMin Warns "Euro Will Collapse If Greece Exits", Says Italy Is Next

Greece is now betting everything that Europe will not allow it to exit & hoping the existential terror that would be heaped on Eurozone as forecast in 2012, will still take place & Europe will concede that spending a few more billion on Greece’s bridge program is worth to avoid what could potentially spiral into an out of control collapse.

What Lies Ahead for Gold and Silver?

First, the bad news… The Gold and Silver selling is likely not over. The capitulation process may not be completed. Overall momentum […]

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