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Detroit city shuts off Water for thousands

Detroit’s water department said it would begin shutting off water for up to 3,000 homes & businesses a week in an attempt to stop the utility from sliding even further into debt. Detroit’s water utility keeps raising rates as it falls further into debt; nearly half of customers are behind on payments.

How A Country Dies - Death Of A Nation

Do people understand what is happening to them & their country? I suspect some have partial awareness. Few appreciate the full consequences of what is happening. People sense there is something wrong, even though they may be unable to identify what that something might be – But always believe it may be temporary.

This Is What Employment In America Really Looks Like

Thanks to offshoring of millions of jobs, replacement of workers with technology & overall weakness of the US economy, the percentage of Americans that are actually working is significantly lower than it was when this century began. The truth is that more good jobs are being lost every single day in America.

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