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What China's Devaluation Means For The Future Of The Dollar

Nearly every government, commercial bank & central bank in the world holds US dollars in reserve as they are used as the primary currency in global trade. But this status is by no means written in stone. The US dollar is not the first global reserve currency, and it won’t be the last. It’s foolish to expect a reserve currency with such pitiful fundamentals as the US dollar to last forever.

The Minimum Price for Gold, Part II

As Western bankers debauch – and destroy – the world’s paper currencies (and at an accelerating rate), the sane populations of Asia are funneling ever-greater quantities of their own wealth out of that paper (where it can be stolen via “competitive devaluation”) and into gold and silver, where it is immune to the crime of currency-dilution.

Silver and Gold Truth Versus Fiat Money Lies

What do loss of confidence, loss of faith in financial systems & pervasive lies have to do with gold and silver? They far more truthful money that central banks can’t print or create from thin air. The truths we have been told about fiat money are lies. Don’t believe the lies that unbacked debt based paper currencies will survive (they never do).

What America Does Not Understand About Russia & Oil

While successful this time around the Russian’s via Putin are more than able to cope with an oil rout for the near future. Already the devaluation of the Russian Rubble means that oil revenues will in fact be more in Rubles than last year since the devaluation is currently wider than the correction of the oil price itself.

Gold Trading At All-Time High In Argentine’s Currency

Argentine’s currency “the Peso” has declined 22% since last month’s default (the second time in 13 years). The Argentine Peso, expressed in US Dollars, is trading at all-time lows. Consequently, Peso gold is trading at it all-time high. As gold reflects the value of currencies, gold in Argentine’s currency has exploded higher.

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