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Copper Breakout has Profound Implications for Precious & Base Metals

Over the past couple of days copper has broken strongly higher & the implications of this development are profound for the base and Precious Metals sectors. This is a sign that a major bull market is about to begin across the entire metals sector, which as you know is what we are looking for in gold and silver. Silver in particular is gruesomely undervalued & has huge upside potential from here.

Guess Which Metal’s Rallying Right Now…It's COPPER

Digging through the commodity market wreckage has been a grisly task these days. Busted charts everywhere, a wasteland of multi-year lows and broken trades. But after a six-year drubbing, copper is rising from the dead. That’s right – Dr. Copper’s springing back to life. And the best part? No one’s paying attention yet.

Blame the Fed for the Commodities Slump

Crash on the commodities highway: So far, the Fed’s cheap credit has exaggerated and prolonged the bear market in oil. The price per barrel of US crude oil is down 53% over the last 12 months. Today, the price of coal is down 70% from four years ago. Dr Copper, too, says it’s going to be a rough second half of the year for the global economy.

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