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Gold and Silver Market – Surviving A Collapse?

The acquisition of gold and silver over the essential commodities of life is a failed strategy & plays into the hands of the elitists who intend to buy them back at huge discounts when the markets collapse & people become desperate for the commodities they really need just to stay alive. Hope & pray for the best but prepare for the worst in response to what history teaches us.

Silver Improves Water Purifiers And Smart Tags

Chinese scientists have developed ‘smart tags’ composed of silver and gold microscopic-sized rods that can stick to containers and change color when food has gone bad. The silver and gold nanorods tags contain vitamin C, acetic and lactic acids, and agar, which react with nanorods to change their color.

Global Fresh Water Volume

Water is a commodity whose scarcity will have a profound effect on the world within the next few decades – this makes the reevaluation of our values regarding fresh water use not voluntary but mandatory. We will have to drastically change the way in which we view our freshwater as a resource.

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