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What History Says About Fed Interest Rate Hikes

While Ms. Yellen stated that interest rates could rise as soon as 2015, it is possible that it will be far longer than that. Jim Cramer said the idea of rising interest rates shocked the markets, however, in the long-term it’s a positive sign. It is natural for interest rates to rise as the economy does better.

It's Not Too Late To Change Our Future, But Eventually It Will Be

The long term implications of these secular shifts are crucially important to the future of everything from investing, to living and the future of our economy. It is not too late to change our future, but it eventually will be if we do not begin to make changes soon.

Fed's Economic Projections - Myth Vs. Reality

The Fed simply cannot voice what they really see during each meeting as it would roil the markets- Instead, they use their communications to guide the market’s economic expectations toward reality in the hopes of reducing the risks of market dislocations.

The Real Reason For The Fed's No Taper Is Not Economic Reality

Something more immediate & not economic reality is most likely behind the “No Taper” : As debt ceiling debate once again looms, any shutdown of the govt, default or restrictive fiscal policies could collapse whatever incremental recovery there has been to date.

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