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We're Nowhere Near Peak Coal Use in China and India

China and India collectively consume about 60% of all coal produced in the world. Consumption is expected to continue expanding as their populations balloon and the energy-thirsty middle class expands. Unlike China, India has no present interest in reigning in its use of coal & it’s possible that if China’s coal consumption declines, India will be there to fill the hole.

Making Sense of the US Oil Story

If US oil producers have the option of selling their crude oil abroad, perhaps they can get a higher price for it. If US oil producers can get higher prices for their oil, this may very well filter through to higher oil prices for US consumers, and less oil consumption by US consumers, but this is not the concern of oil companies.

Oil Limits And The Economy - One Story; Not Two

Does GDP growth lead to more oil & energy demand or does the availability of cheap oil & other types of energy power the economy? Oil & other forms of energy are used to power the economy. Historically, rises and falls in the use of oil & other types of energy have tended to parallel GDP growth.

The Calm Before The Gold And Silver Storm

Even though the Fed and Central Banks have been able to manipulate, control and divert interest away from Gold And Silver, the real and fast approaching Precious Metals HURRICANE is yet to hit.

The Energy Factor to Push Gold to New Highs

Energy cost increases substantially in the gold mining industry today as they are extracting gold at 20 times less the yield as in late 1800’s. As ore grades decline, it takes a great deal more energy to extract and process the same or less metal.

Precious Metals Will Rise As the Economic Recovery Disintegrates

There is no way of telling exactly when the U.S. Treasury Bubble will burst, however fundamentals are now pointing back in favor of the Precious Metals – Also looks like bullion banks are now on the “Bullish Side” of the big move up in Gold and Silver.

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