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2018 Promises To Be A Major Turning Point In Commodities

We’re starting to see rumblings of a major turning point in commodities. In fact, it could turn into one of the biggest comeback moves of 2018. Fact is, commodities are cheap compared to stocks. Historically cheap. Economic catalysts are also bolstering the value argument for commodities. A weakening dollar will provide the fundamental pressure, commodities needs to sustain a successful rally.

Here's Why Crude Oil Prices Could Keep Climbing

Stocks took a beating yesterday. But crude oil continues to push to new 2016 highs, topping $48 for the first time in nearly five months. No one is cheering as it sneaks higher week after week. Where were these oil bears when crude was trading north of $100 in early 2014? And more importantly—where are the crude oil bulls right now as this disbelief rally continues?

What Oil Investors Can Learn From Gold

The truth of the matter is that gold is largely an irrelevant commodity compared with oil. Oil is the basis for dozens of countries’ economies around the world & for thousands of major companies’ existence. The other truth & the less pleasant one, is that there are stark parallels between what happened to gold a few years ago & what is happening to oil today.

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