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Gold, Financial Markets & International Monetary System

How often have we seen $100 moves in gold, much less $400? It has been only one time that gold moved over $100 in a day. We have seen $3 moves in silver but these were almost exclusively during evening trade sessions. Does CME really see $12 moves in silver coming? Again, “are they expecting something?” we don’t know about …

Some Kind of Financial Calamity Is Inevitable: Jim Rickards

I see disaster & when it comes to the financial systems in particular, we’re set up for an even worse catastrophe than we have in 2008.The Fed and the FDIC guaranteed the entire money market industry & put out the fire but they used up all their capacity. So now what if there’s a liquidity crisis now?

The Next Big Bank to Fail Will Get Liquidated into… Another Big Bank

The “SPOE” single point of entry by FDIC for handling a big bank liquidation will result in another crappy big bank coming out the other end. We have a bankruptcy code. Banks should be allowed to fail and should never get so big that it makes the world come to a standstill if they blow themselves up.

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