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Why the Government Hates Gold - Who is left to speak the Truth?

Corporations sold their products on cheap credit, made their profits from cheap credit & then depended on cheap credit to issue their bonds, buy back their own stock & pay their bonuses. Meanwhile, Washington ran deficit after deficit, made possible by cheap credit. And now, practically every sentient being in the nation needs cheap credit. Who is left to speak the truth?

Fed Ben's Rocket to Nowhere - Peter Schiff

Fed Ben likened QE to the first stage in a multiple stage rocket that gets the spacecraft off the ground – But the Fed can’t stop accumulating and dispose of its inventory without creating major market disruptions even if the economic rocket were actually approaching escape velocity.

The Fed’s Inability To Forecast Anything Is The Problem

In June the Fed saw better conditions ahead and they would begin to cut back on their bond purchases – It was just another errant forecast. The economy isn’t doing better, and so no tapering and yet now the markets are waiting anxiously for the Fed’s next forecast.

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