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Gold, S&P or the Dollar - Mr. Bernanke?

Sacrifices, such as higher gold prices, must be made to maintain the “full steam ahead” status of our national train wreck in progress – deficit spending, ever-increasing debt, QE-forever, more wars and currency debasement.

Fed Smashes Gold And Silver While 2,000 Gold Eagles Were Sold

While the traders were focused on the “FED TRICK”, in the precious metal markets, few realized the “GOLD TREAT” as the U.S. Mint updated its Gold Eagle figures showing another 2,000 oz of the coins were sold since their update yesterday.

Don’t Get Burned By This Fed Taper Lie

San Francisco Fed President, John Williams- “If data continues to progress as seen, then I do agree that we should Taper our purchases later this year.”
The only problem? I’m convinced the data isn’t going to cooperate. Here’s why…

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