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Hold onto Gold as ‘Currency Event’ Likely

The dollar currency is being severely debased, which will lead to hyperinflation before this is over. The odds favor something going badly wrong. People should be focusing more on the eventual upside in gold which is going to be huge, than on the short-term downside which is due to the paper markets.

Goldman's Blinkered View on Gold could be so Wrong

Goldman Sachs’ Jeffrey Currie has reiterated his view that gold will fall to $1050 by the end of the year but is he totally ignoring some of the likely key drivers ahead? While Currie is obviously entitled to his viewpoint we are not sure that stating these views in such aggressive terms is wise.

Crimea, The Fed, China And The Gold Price Pattern

While uncertainty around Ukrainian situation & Russia’s intentions has given gold prices an additional fillip, don’t expect this to continue. Ukraine and Crimea may prove to be a storm in a teacup. It is probably the US economy & China which will hold the key to gold’s path in the ensuing months.

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