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The Complete And Unabridged History Of Gold Manipulation

The London Gold Pool that was designed to keep the price of gold capped, proved that central banks can collude cooperate to rig maintain the price of gold at what they deem manageable levels – But things don’t always go as planned and Gold is a different beast altogether.

Precious Metals Futures - Beyond the Madness

Price discovery on the largest precious metals futures trading system goes on protected by a fraudulent financial system and a legal system desperate to protect its importance. The only positive is that manipulation cannot go on forever and there is still time to act accordingly.

Gold and Gold Stocks After the FOMC Decision

Gold jumped $55 after the FOMC announcement, which is quite a bit for one day, but will this rally hold? In any case, the move did manage to catapult gold back above the critical $1,350 level & it does certainly look like another higher low has now been put in.

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