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Buy the Dips - A Major Gold Bull Market Expected to begin in Earnest

Price and volume action in gold in recent weeks has been very bullish indeed. Gold charts suggest that the dollar is destined for a serious breakdown. Even if the dollar does bounce up a bit, gold would pull back, but not by much, to provide what will be probably turn out to be the last chance to accumulate the sector at favorable prices before the expected major bull market begins in earnest.

Despite Short-Term Bearishness, Gold Prices Set For a Very Bullish 2017

Let’s review the gold charts beginning with the long term picture. Though bearish over the short term, there is no change to the longer term outlook.. I am very bullish on gold prices in 2017 and while the year has got off to a cracking start I believe we need to see a test of the recent low to lay a stronger foundation from which to launch even higher.

Keep Buying & Holding Gold and Silver - Fear & Anxiety Prevail Around the World

The physical gold and silver market is severely underpriced, and so we keep saying to keep buying. All fiats are losing ground relative to gold and silver, and that will be the eventual reality for the months and years ahead. The debt spiral created by the globalist moneychangers is doomed to fail, but at considerable damage to the masses at large who remain unprepared.

Gold and Silver Rally to Resume from Around 26th Sept - Expect Volatility Till Then

I believe that the bull run in gold and silver, that paused in its tracks in July, will continue swinging both ways with a high degree of volatility till Sept end, but will be back in a more vigorous and ferocious form soon after. I strongly believe that this bull-run-on-steroids phase in gold and silver will take off around 26th September 2016. Secure your tomorrow ….today.

Gold Seasonals Bottoming, Ahead of the Usual Major Surges

Gold exhibits strong seasonality, created by surges in global gold demand throughout the calendar year. While this has been suppressed in recent years by the Fed-fueled extreme market distortions, that anomaly is only temporary. Right now gold is experiencing its most-important seasonal bottoming.

A Hard Look At Gold via 7 Technical Charts

Looking at gold from different angles chart-wise, gold looks like its nearing a make-or-break level. Gold and silver miners are also consolidating near their support level dating back to 2002. Inflation expectations are also nearing a breakout / breakdown point. Soon we will know more about the true state of the global economy.

Gold, Dollar Index & S&P 500 Index - Long Cycles & Trend Changes

Given the troublesome global economic conditions & potential expansion of war, there is considerable risk that S&P 500 could fall substantially & a strong probability that gold will rally. A growing global movement away from the dollar use in global trade bodes poorly for long-term dollar strength but well for higher gold prices.

3 Important Gold Charts - Bullion Goes East To Russia and China

The charts are very illuminating and provide great insight into how gold has shifted between non public sources and public sources over the last 10-12 years. Mobilisation of gold at its peak was somewhere between 90 million and 100 million ounces (2800 tonnes – 3100 tonnes). The question is where did all this gold come from?

These Gold Charts Will Make Your Heart Beat Faster

Gold lovers’ hearts beat faster last week, as the precious metal rose above $1,300 an ounce, its 200-day moving average, for the first time since November. So while gold may correct over the next several months during its seasonally weak period of the year, this looks promising for gold investors.

Seven Key Gold Charts Indicate Bull Market Ahead

Often “a picture paints a thousand words” and the seven key gold charts that suggest there is a “bull market ahead”should make gold bears nervous – We may see some further weakness in the short term but the outlook is good for 2014 and the coming years.

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