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Gold's Day will come - Perhaps as soon as 2016

For 2015, I expect gold will trade in the $1,200–1,300/oz range. There’s a very good chance 2016 could be a much better year for gold, especially if the Fed lowers interest rates again & embarks on QE4. The potential end game for gold is if a complete loss of confidence in the US dollar forces the government to peg it to gold.

India Tightens Checks to Curb Gold Smuggling

India has started to make physical checks of gold stocks held by wholesalers to ensure inventories match quantity imported as India steps up efforts to halt gold smuggling. This could aggravate shortages in the physical market as authorities seize gold without a valid provenance, boosting premiums.

An Open Letter To The World Gold Council - Eric Sprott

While demand for physical gold remains extremely strong, prices on the COMEX have fallen precipitously. This contradictory situation is an important obstacle to a healthy gold mining industry – Supply & demand imbalance is not reflected on misleading statistics.

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