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Rigged Gold Price Distorts Perception of Economic Reality

The Fed & its agents rig gold prices in the Comex futures (paper gold) market. Bullion banks print an unlimited supply of gold contracts which are sold in large volumes & thus serving the Fed by protecting the dollar from Fed’s loose monetary policy by lowering gold prices & preventing the concern that a rising gold price would bring to the dollar.

Shanghai Becoming Global Gold Hub And Gold Price Discovery Center

China approached foreign banks, gold producers & refiners to participate in SGE’s international bourse to boost its position as a price-discovery center for gold. It plans to launch three physically-backed gold contracts. The chairman of SGE said that China should have its own pricing benchmark as it is the biggest consumer & producer of gold.

Gold Movements Have Me Spooked For Now

A 6,000-contract dump as markets opened in Europe was followed by a dump of 14,000 gold contracts, just before New York’s opening bell last Monday. Is somebody trying to get the gold price down? Either a big position wanted out, or somebody wanted to spook the market. And there’s nothing we can do about it either way.

Gold And Silver – BRICS And Germany Will Pave The Way

The House of BRICS just keeps building, gold brick by energy brick, in stark contrast to the House Of Paper by the US. It is now, not a question of an upside breakout for physical gold and silver. Rather, it is more a question of the ongoing breakdown and collapse of the Western banking system and fiat “dollar.”

Two Reasons On Why The Fed Is Tapering

Why is the Fed Tapering? Perhaps the Fed understands that a dollar crisis is a bigger crisis than a bank crisis and that its bailout of the banks is undermining the dollar. The question is: will the Fed let the banks go in order to save the dollar?

More Evidence That JPMorgan Has Cornered Comex Gold

The Gold market was rigged lower in order to flip a 50,000 net short position to net longs – From a net short gold position in excess of 50,000 contracts last Dec, JPMorgan has now transitioned into a net long gold position of over 65,000 contracts

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