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When will Equities and Gold Begin to Change Places?

In our view, Bullard has signaled the approaching demise of the Trump inflation trade. The equity markets have not yet got the memo. In the midst of a manic bubble, all news is still good news. The prop under the run up in stocks and the narrative behind the correction in gold are fading. We think equities and gold will soon begin to change places.

Preparing for a Potential Economic Collapse in October

When debt reaches the level that it cannot be repaid, a major re-set of some sort must take place. The major economies of the world have exceeded that point & the debt problem is no mere anomaly that can be papered over. It is, instead, systemic. There must be a major forgiveness of debt, a default, or an economic collapse, or some combination of the three.

Opposing Forces At Play In Gold, Silver (Precious Metals Complex)

Good news for gold bulls is the bottom of the trading range has been tested a thrice so far & the price action looks encouraging for gold. But silver & the miners have broken through major supports. Its fair to say there is a mixed picture in the precious metals complex. Here are the possible triggers that may reverse the gold downtrend.

Citi Asks "How High Can Gold Ultimately Go?"

Citi – We do not believe that the fall in Gold will be sustainable and expect new highs in the trend eventually – Also retained a long term target of about $3500 for some time on Gold price based on a comparison of this period and that seen in the 1970’s

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