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Bull Market in Gold Driven by Massive Gold Investment Buying

After shunning prudent portfolio diversification with gold for years, investors are finally starting to reestablish those essential positions. And since their collective gold holdings were so incredibly low heading into 2016, reflecting hyper-bearish sentiment, the gold investment buying has only begun. It will likely take years to complete, driving gold’s new bull higher on balance the entire time.

What Drives the Price of Gold? Myths About Gold That Just Won’t Die

A number of gold’s fundamental price drivers are currently gold bullish or in the process of turning bullish, and others are not, or at least not yet. However, the great monetary experiment that central bankers have launched is certainly a very good reason not only to hold gold, but to actually overweight it relative to other assets – especially after it has already corrected quite a bit from its 2011 peak.

Real Interest Rates have a Real Influence on Gold

Does gold respond to the inflation or rather to the real interest rate? Paul Krugman said once that the reason behind the high real price of gold between 2001 & 2011 was low real interest rates, not the expected inflation. Is he right and are real interest rates really the main driver of the yellow metal price? How do they affect the gold market?

Positive Correlation Between Economic Growth And Gold Demand

Conventional wisdom holds that good economic times are bad for gold. But over the longer term, economic growth tends to be good for gold. Gold demand in India & China is closely correlated to increasing wealth. The 2008-2009 financial crisis spawned the tail-risk hedge; To protect investors from sudden, hard-to-predict market crashes.

Is This The Right Time To Get Into Gold?

Despite what is likely to prove short term weakness, the smart money is gradually accumulating gold on the dips. Dollar cost averaging remains prudent for buyers who wish to have an allocation to gold bullion but are concerned about further price falls.

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