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This Explains the Current Manipulated take-down in the Price of Gold

This explains the current manipulated take-down in the price of gold despite rising seasonal demand from India & China. There is a direct correlation between this sudden leap in the amount of gold swaps conducted by the BIS between July and August and the price attack on gold. The outstanding balance is now higher than it was in 2011, leading to the violent take-down of the price of gold then.

Gold Is Not Only Money, But Now Also Pays Interest In India

India could allow individuals deposit a minimum of 30 grams of gold with banks in return for interest payments to help monetise 20,000 tonnes of unproductive gold lying with households, a step that is aimed at cutting expensive imports. In short it proves that in India, gold is the only real money.

India Eases Bank Gold Imports: Gold Can Again Be Used As Loan Collateral

Facilitated by the drop in oil prices – a key import for India, the RBI has finally lifted its ban on imports of gold coins and medallions by banks and trading houses. The RBI in a notification also said banks are permitted to import gold on consignment basis & are free to grant gold metal loans.

A Close Look At The Chinese Gold Lease Market

Current participants in the gold lease market are commercial banks, gold miners and jewelers. The Shanghai Gold Exchange also provides a crucial role in gold leasing. The SGE’s block trading system is the trading platform used by gold leasing participants; the SGE also provides transfer and settlement services.

Could $80 Billion In False Chinese Gold Loans Have Suppressed Gold Price?

China is suffering from a massive credibility hit today as a scam to extract credit from Chinese banks by repeatedly pledging the same collateral of gold, and other commodities, over and over and over again unwinds. China’s Chief Auditor has identified $15.2 billion in loans backed by falsified gold.

China may have 1,000 tonnes of Gold tied in Financing - WGC

Chinese firms could have locked up as much as 1,000 tonnes of gold in financing deals, indicating a big slice of imports has been used to raise funds due to tight credit, rather than on consumer demand. Gold prices could come under pressure if imports are hit by a broader crackdown on using commodities for finance.

Miners Should Launch a Gold Cartel or Risk Losing Everything

What is there left to lose for the deeply depressed gold mining industry but to take revolutionary steps and to fight back? – Its time to get their act together before banks force them to hedge and sell forward their business for peanuts, rendering them incapable of benefiting from rising prices in the future.

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