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The Looming Bank Run Will Send Gold Prices to $3,000+

How do you think the government would react to the ultimate financial crisis…a bank run that locks Americans out of their own bank accounts? Right now, less than 1% of Americans own a single gold or silver coin. If that number rises to just 2%, it would create a huge demand for gold. It could easily push gold prices to $3,000 or beyond. And easily push silver prices to…?

Surging Mining Stocks Indicate a Big Move Ahead in Gold and Silver Prices

Gold and silver mining stocks often serve as a leading indicator for precious metals prices. During favorable up cycles for gold / silver mining equities, they can potentially deliver outsized gains compared to the physical metal itself. But it would be a huge mistake for investors to treat mining, streaming & exploration companies as if they were proxies for the metals themselves.

The Two Different Worlds of Gold and Silver: East and West

He who has the gold makes the rules. The “world” in the East has never ceased to recognize the Golden Rule. The “world” in the West now contemptuously scorns this eternal wisdom. While in the East, even the most humble peasant understands why we need to store our wealth in gold and silver money, there is no longer a need in modern economy for this “Perfect Money” in the West.

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