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Gold Outlook For 2015

Do not expect a major move higher in gold in the first half of 2015. Because the current monetary & economic environment, characterized by a rise in negative real rates & a weakening of inflation momentum, is not very gold friendly. The gold to silver ratio keeps on rising, which points as well to disinflation. All said, the bull market is still intact.

7 Questions Gold Bears Must Answer

A glance at any gold price chart reveals the severity of the bear mauling it has endured over the last 3 years. In addition, a correction-defying Wall Street stock market & the never-ending rain of disdain for gold from the mainstream & it may seem that there’s no reason to buy gold. If we’re in a bear market, then I have a few questions.

Gold Price Not Overbought But Reverting To Its Mean

The key question which this article focuses on: Is gold overbought? The gold price was at record lows, in extremely oversold territory, only six months ago & sentiment was extremely negative. Based on historical observations and the math of the markets, gold price seems NOT overbought; it is simply reverting to its mean.

The Gold Price Manipulation, London Gold Fix and the Quantum

If I were to criticize the Gold Fix I would certainly concede that its rather stupidly named. The Gold Fix is a real trading price & not a survey, like LIBOR & it is not a chart of quotes, like the Bloomberg spot gold ticker. Its a price at which a large number of buyers & sellers chose to deal & this makes it real.

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