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Gold ETF Investors Skeptical Of Gold Prices Despite Rally

The price of gold is up 6.1% year-to-date, making it one of the outperforming assets in the first three weeks of the year. Unlike last year, it’s not ETF investors that are driving gold prices higher in 2017. In the year-to-date period ending Jan. 18, the SPDR Gold Trust (GLD) & iShares Gold Trust (IAU) the two largest physically backed gold ETFs have had combined net outflows of $440 million.

Gold Price Forecast: The Factors Influencing Gold Prices in 2017

Here are three things that are currently taking place that could have significant positive impacts on gold prices. They shouldn’t be ignored by investors, whatsoever. Every day that gold prices remain subdued, the precious metal becomes an even better opportunity. Keeping everything in mind, I am not ruling out $2,000/ounce gold prices in the next few years. It’s possible.

Gold and Silver Rally to Resume from Around 26th Sept - Expect Volatility Till Then

I believe that the bull run in gold and silver, that paused in its tracks in July, will continue swinging both ways with a high degree of volatility till Sept end, but will be back in a more vigorous and ferocious form soon after. I strongly believe that this bull-run-on-steroids phase in gold and silver will take off around 26th September 2016. Secure your tomorrow ….today.

Gold Heading to $1,500, but Silver can Overshoot $30: Bank of America

Macroeconomic uncertainty in the UK, Eurozone and US remains elevated. The world has been & will keep on walking from crisis to crisis. The importance of that dynamic for gold and silver is mirrored by the high correlation between potential US GDP growth & gold quotations. With even the sellside starting to turn now, there may be more upside as the slow money starts to move in.

Where's Gold Headed? That's Easy! To Goldman's Next "Short Gold" Stop Loss

It took just two and a half months for Goldman to get stopped out of its short gold recommendation, on April 29, when its the price soared above $1,300 breaching Goldman’s stop. Goldman admits being wrong, but still remains short. We sure would love to know just one thing: What is Goldman’s next stop loss, because that is where gold is really headed next.

There Are Significant Risks To Goldman's Forecast For Gold Price Weakness

Goldman admitted that while its “base case is still for higher US real interest rates, lower gold”, it may be wrong adding that “while our base case remains for higher US real rates and lower gold prices, there are significant risks that our forecast for gold price weakness is pushed out, should the Fed surprise us and remain on hold in December.”

Gold's Day will come - Perhaps as soon as 2016

For 2015, I expect gold will trade in the $1,200–1,300/oz range. There’s a very good chance 2016 could be a much better year for gold, especially if the Fed lowers interest rates again & embarks on QE4. The potential end game for gold is if a complete loss of confidence in the US dollar forces the government to peg it to gold.

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